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symptoms of eye mets?


Re: symptoms of eye mets?

Dear Halliwellfrance


a few months ago I went for an opticians appt and they noticed ‘lesions’ on one of my eyes. They said they were like marks or just different patches on the chronical part.  I was referred urgently to Hospital suspicious of eye mets (have bone and lung mets already, dx 2yrs ago) and had lots of tests, usual,stuff like when you go,to,optician plus ultrasound on eyes (this is not too bad but a bit wierd,they put gel on a camera thing and touch your eyeball with it. It’s fine just odd). 


They also put drops in to make your pupils dilate and hence don’t drive on your own as hard to see because of the brightness for 2-4 hours. 


My lesions turned out out to be flat, ie not raised and this was a good sign. They say it could be mets but may just be something I was born with. They can’t biopsy so they see me now every 2-3 months to check the lesions aren’t getting bigger/thicker. So far so good. Eye mets are not too bad to treat - radiotherapy can keep,them under control but I am on chemo (Cape) so it could be mets that are being controlled. Just crossing my fingers things don’t change. 


There are also,lots of other things they could be - scarring - not sure how that would happen but... and other less horrid things which I can’t remember the name of.


Are you on chemo currently? A very frightening time but try hard to not worry till the appt - don’t let it ruin xmas.. it could and hopefully will be nothing. easier said than done I know but no point wasting time worrying - I always say to myself - save the worry till you KNOW there is something to worry about. 


Sending big hugs and crossed fingers and a happy Christmas for you and your family 


Helen xxx


Re: symptoms of eye mets?

Dear halliwellfrance


I am sorry that you havent recieved any replies yet, hopefully someone will be along soon to share their experience.


In the meantime, please do consider giving our specialists a call on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000 or maybe posting a question on the Ask Our Nurses section of the Forum?


Best wishes
Digital Community Officer


symptoms of eye mets?



I am 53 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2014, had a mx and finished chemo in April 2014. I have been taking Tamoxifen since April 2015.

About 3 months ago my sight started to deteriorate signficantly and I also started to get migraines above my left eye. I finally visited an optician 2 weeks ago and was told that I have a mole at the back of my left eye and that I need to be referred to an eye specialist, as BC can return as a secondary to the eye.

I visited my doctor and have been referred as an emergency but my appointment date is not until 18th January 2018!!


I am quite worried and wondered if anyone who has eye mets could tell me what their symptoms are, how they were diagnosed and what treatment they received?


Thank you very much for any information that you can give me,


Carolyn x