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tamoxifen and hot flushes and acupuncture

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Re: tamoxifen and hot flushes and acupuncture

I've been taking tamoxifen since February and apart from being a bit warmer than usual, I haven't had any unpleasant effects. I started having acupunture during chemo to help with the side effects and have continued having sessions. From weekly I've gone down to monthly with what will probably be my last one on Monday. Apparently it can help with menopausal effects but as I have n't had any i can't comment directly although it did redcue the nausea and fatigue casued by the chemo. The acupuncturist also advises looking at your diet as certain foods are regarded as "heating" in chinese medicine. She advises against sugary foods, red wine, red meat, melon, bananas- that's all I can remember. Most of the stuff she advises against I don't eat anyway as I'm a vegetarian. Both she and my BC nurse have commented that vegetarians don't tend to have menopausal side effects from tamoxifen so there must be something in the diet advice. The PCT in the area where I live provide acupunture on the NHS. It's worth checking out, particulalry if you have a complementary therapy service attached to your hospital.


Re: tamoxifen and hot flushes and acupuncture

tamoxifen and hot flushes and acupuncture I have started this topic on behalf of new user alex

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I started tamoxifen just over 3 months ago and havent had a day or night without hot flushes/night sweats since - I'd do anything for a decent nights sleep. Will these ever cease or am will I have to put up with it for the next 5 years. Also, has anyone tried acupuncture for hot flushes?

ps. just gone back to work after 9 months of therapy - tired but loving being back!

Hi Alexposted on 6.06.07 4:42 pm
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In my case the acupuncture did work......I started my tamoxifen in june 04.....and started acupuncture last year...def., worth a try.

Glad your enjoying being back at work


tamoxifen and hot flushes and acupuncture

tamoxifen and hot flushes and acupuncture