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tamoxifen june 17


Re: tamoxifen june 17

Hi, first week for me too. Let's see how it goes. Good luck xx

Re: tamoxifen june 17

Hi Jo,

Good to hear it's all ok so far, we're all different so it's difficult to say how it will be for you. 

For me, I can't really say whether it's made any difference or not, as I was peri-menopausal anyway, so was having symptoms such as hot flushes. 

Some of us are more or less side effect free, some find any side effects manageable & for others it's more of an issue. 

See how you go, deal with it if it arises & you maybe fine anyway. 

ann x

tamoxifen june 17

hi everyone,i am only on day 3 of taking tamoxifen,but so far so good.....by reading all your posts there will be side affects to come...ure tips are great for if and when any arise.