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thickened breast tissue.... worrys :( please help (pictures attached)


Re: thickened breast tissue.... worrys :( please help (pictures attached)

I have almost exactly this. A large area of swollen tissue which starts above the right nipple and stretches up towards the collar bone. I do not have arm pit lumps but I do have a distinct indentation above the nipple. I am also in discomfort.  I have been referred to the clinic.  HAve you now been referred?



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Re: thickened breast tissue.... worrys :( please help (pictures attached)

Hi it's horrible having something like this hanging over you .Your GP may not be able to explain your symptoms but that doesn't necessarily mean it is anything sinister there are other explanations for lumps and other breast changes without further tests it is hard to give an exact diagnosis .Why don't you try for an earlier appt with GP and ask for a referral to put your mind at rest.

thickened breast tissue.... worrys :( please help (pictures attached)

Hello friends.

im new here and iv been looking at peoples posts and watching there progress iv brought myself to post as i dont know where else to turn now Smiley Sad


i had my gorgeous baby girl nearly 5 months ago now.

iv had 4 amazing pregnancy my first born was born sleeping but i have 3 children here at home im 24 and happily married

i am full time carer also for my mum who is terminailly ill with cancer.

esophageal cancer.

we have the cancer hospital today actually to find out more about how things are going for my mum.


so the other day i come home from caring for my mum id actually noticed recenrly my right breast wasnt fittin in my bra cup very well always coming out i thought that was odd because the left side has alot of space.


so i come home and my right breast had this ache in it.....

so i thought thats odd

so later on i thought hey il check in the mirror dont know why but i just did.... and wow i noticed one breast was quite alot bigger i always have on bigger but this took me by suprise... so i thought ok maybe its just milk ducts have swollen that breast or something with having my daughter nearly 5 months ago...... i had only breast fed for at most about 2 weeks maybe less.....


so i decided to give myself a breast exam as i do probably monthly in the shower.

and i felt my breast and was so taken back.... i thiought i was imagining things but there was this thick lump of what felt like a mass of tissue swollen......

i rembeer i moved my hand off in a panic and i felt sick to my stomach..... i thought ok maybe swollen milk ducts..... i guess trying to make excuses for what it was.....


but i had to be wise about this seeing how ill my mum is and my father had cancer twice....

so i dont take any chances id advise someone to go the doctors if this happened so i told myself i would but i felt guilty as this doctor is the one who looks after my poorly mum and i guess in a way i felt guilty for worrying about me if it were nothing you know.....


i even felt silly going thinking what if she doesnt see it or feel it i did taj a picture and the size difference was quite obvious.


i took ym top off and yes right away she went oh yes i see. and right away went how long have you noticed this for.... i said umm recently just recently really. she found the lump also that i had felt its not like a roung lump its like a thich patch undr the skin of raised breats tissue uc an notice abit at times when looking the breasts but its mainly upon touching it.


she said right ok... when did you have your period i said maybe 6 ago she said hmm ok right im going to leave you for a week and see if this gets any better.... incase it is hormon related and its been nearly a week and nope its still there. i go back this next week. so im assuming she wil refer me to the brteast clinic..... im here to ask has anyone ever had anything like this. this near the top of my breast and its quite a big amount too. what i can feel also have 2 lumps under my armpit doctor thinks this may be ingrown hair ducts..... Smiley Sad oim just worried and the wait is kiling me any advice owuld be so appreciated my friends thank you

mandi xx




should i call today and try to push the refferral to the breast clinic sooner????? xx

thanks so much for taking your time to read and respspomd to this. xx