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travel insurance


Re: travel insurance

Just an update. I phoned about our travel insurance, which is due for renewal at the end of the month. We're covered for personal/belongings through the Caravan Club, as mentioned below. I knew I would have to have their medical screening, and I'm covered for everything except breast cancer. Last time I wasn't covered for that for 6 months following surgery, but this time it's 2 years - last time I had 3 WLEs and radiotherapy, this time mastectomy and hormaone therapy. It's a reasonable cost, we think, for any number of trips of up to 66 days, which fits our pattern of travelling just fine. They also offer 45 day trips or, I think, 30 day trips.


Happy holidays everyone! Jo

Re: travel insurance

Thanks for the interesting posts on here. I had a mastectomy on June 12th, and I'm beginning to think about our return to France, where we spend quite a big part of each year but in 4 to 6 week periods, but haven't been able to return since March - we only came back for 2 weeks! Last time I had bc was 5 years ago and my travel insurance with the Caravan Club continued but without cover for anything concerned with bc, as Shellseeker mentioned, until several months after my op.


We haven't had a caravan for years, but continued with membership so we could have their travel insurance. As so many older people are members, they cover for older people quite well, along with the range of illnesses/disabilities so many of us older people have. It also covers for 3 separate lengths of trip, so we can have cover up to 6 months each year, which not many insureres do - maybe useful for some readers here to know if they plan a longer trip, alhtough that length of cover isn't the cheapest, but there's more of a risk in a longer period. We also use Saga car insurance, very good value for UK car insurance plus breakdown in other European countries and that covers up to 364 days a year.


Happy hoildays everyone.



Re: travel insurance

Diagnosed DCIS last August, WLE, rads. Needed an annual Europe policy for me & husband. After reading below, I went LV website - result, minutes later 'Premier annual multi-trip cover' for us for £81. ( could have got the standard cover for £64). Process was really simple, declared Breast cancer as 'pre-existing medical condition' and answered following questions: Has the disease ever spread beyond the breast (NO); How long ago was initial diagnosis made? (tick box - Under 2 years); Was the cancer completely surgically removed? (YES); Are you currently having treatment/is any planned? (NO). OK, the policy won't cover cancelling or cutting short a trip as the result of anything related to the BC, but I'm prepared to take that chance. The good thing about LV was being able to do it all online, no having to ring up and explain it all to some 20 year old in a call centre somewhere! Planning a USA/Canada trip in autumn 15 so will definitely get LV to quote when this policy is due for renewal.

Re: travel insurance

I attempted a quote from go travel insurance and they declined to quote which was a real kick in the teeth. I was diagnosed September 2013 DCIS and had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction DIEP on 1 October 2013. Commenced tamoxifen and then incidentally had investigations for a fast heart rate and found to have mitral valve regurgitation but do not need any treatment just annual follow up. Touch wood bar fatigue I am back to work doing all and more than diagnosed. So when I declared my conditions and declined it felt worse than the diagnosis for me. I picked myself up and tried Eurotunnel and within ten minutes have insurance for a week to Europe for two people £34.70 one single trip. Eurotunnel basically ask if your consultant says you are fit to travel and not under investigation etc. so do have a look. I know it will not suit everyone's condition though.

Re: travel insurance

Thanks so much for sharing this.

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Re: travel insurance

Hi all- Thought I'd share my experience with Travel Insurance. My partner was DX in November 2013 . We have had a trip to New York planned for this June for a couple of years & I found that a lot of insurance companies (even Insure Pink et al) would not insure her as she will not have finished treatment by the time we are due to go (ongoing Herceptin & Radiotherapy sometime at the end of June). Anyhow , to cut a long story short- I found World First who have insured her for just £67 on top of the standard policy (total £128), even though surgery (lumpectomy & Lymph node removal) was only a couple of weeks ago . I know USA can be difficult to get insurance for so hope it's useful for someone 🙂


Re: travel insurance

What a minefield travel insurance is...  Last year after my dx and mx we booked a holiday to Majorca and I spoke to my existing travel insurance provider where we had an annual policy and was told that as the dx had been during the existing period of insurance, the insurance would stand and we would be covered.   Great I thought.   Policy runs up to 23 of April, so gave them a ring today and asked about renewal, explaining about dx and mx and that I was taking tamoxifen.  I've gone through all the ups and downs of dx, mx etc without too many tears, just trying to keep positive, but their response today really upset me.  I've been told my cancer has gone - surgery did that, I didn't need chemo or rads, just the tami, so why do insurance companies think there is a bigger risk because I was dx under 2 years ago.   They quoted £171 for single trip for me only (10 days to Majorca), with a separate annual policy for my hubby costing £55 (we paid £62 last year for annual policy for both of us!)  However, thanks to everyone who's posted on the forum about insurance, as I've phoned Insure Pink - quote for single trip for both of us £73, Mia £139 single trip - but they use state hospitals not private hospitals, LV £117 for annual trip, without covering my "condition", and finally Eurotunnel, who are fine with all existing conditions unless you've had a terminal dx, who quoted £71.50 for annual cover for both me and hubby.  Taking them up on this quote, policy cover looks ok.


Sorry for rant - but this really bugged me - and I hope that the quote examples help others.

Re: travel insurance

Thank you - it hadn't ocurred to me about insurance companies trying to use it as an excuse to wriggle out of paying, but yes, they will try most things.


right... off to get some quotes


Lu x

Re: travel insurance

I had DCIS with 2x WLEs in 2012 and radiotherapy, and then mastectomy and recon last year, still due to DCIS. I have recently been on a "thank goodness everything's over I need to get away" holiday to SE Asia and tried several companies for insurance. My previous insurers through my bank wouldn't cover the condition or anything associated with it even though I told them everything was now sorted. I tried Insure pink and they would, surprisingly,only give me limited cover with a hefty premium. I ended up with LV Insurance, bought the policy online and in the initial health screening said I had had DCIS. The following questions were, was surgical treatment more than 3 months ago? Has there been a progression to breast cancer? If the answers are yes and no they will cover you. I also phoned to check because I was so surprised it was that easy and they were really helpful. I got a world wide excluding US annual policy for £80. Helen x

Re: travel insurance

I have had the all clear and just take anastozole. Always have to declare that I had BC and had a mastectomy and did not need any further treatment other than the tablets. I still have to pay extra though, although I am unsure why. My husband has a heart complaint, so could experience problems but I am hardly likely to catch cancer on holiday am I? Smiley Very Happy Better to be safe than sorry with insurance though.

Re: travel insurance

My bank offered to continue to cover me Lucy with the Breast cancer excluded. Although my treatment was complete and I was taking Tamoxifen so effectively no longer had BC, I wasn't happy to take this cover as if for example you tripped and broke your wrist they could say that your medication had caused your bones to become weak. That may sound a silly example but if some companies can avoid paying out for a claim they will do & personally I don't think it's worth the risk but it's whatever you feel happy with. 

Best wishes xxx

Re: travel insurance

I'm confused about insurance too...


I have an annual policy through my bank. Was diagnosed last July, had WLE and SNB in Sept, went on holiday beginning of Oct and came back to start RT and tamoxifen.


I phoned my bank and told them about my diagnosis and treatment, they were happy to carry on insuring me but to exclude breast cancer so I have stayed with them.


My thoughts are that I now don't have cancer so don't have any issues with them excluding it as there's nothing that could go wrong in an emergency situation. Am I being naive?

Re: travel insurance

Hi Eliz


I phoned InsurePink. I was told to try again 6 weeks after my radiotherapy had finished. I would get a better quote.



Re: travel insurance

Try Insure Pink and Mia, I had insurance with my bank as well and they wouldn't cover me for breast cancer. I recently bought an annual policy with Insure Pink for £112 which covers worldwide travel. Previous to that went to Spain after Radiotheraphy last year and got a policy from Mia which I think cost abt £60. Hope you enjoy your holiday you deserve it x

Re: travel insurance

Hi Eliz 


Nice to hear you are looking forward to taking a holiday after your radiotherapy is finished. I had travel insurance with lloyds tsb through my bank account but as soon as they found out I'd had breast cancer they very politely told me it wasn't their policy to cover "this condition" even though I offered to pay an extra premium. 


I took out a new policy with a company called  "insurance with" who were very helpful &  didn't charge a ridiculous rate. They didn't ask me for a fit to fly letter or any info from my oncologist or gp. I had a Wle, snb in May last year followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy that finished in July & travelled in October. 


Whilst trying to get insurance I found with some companies it was better to ring them than to fill in the internet form and then you got a quote more tailored to you.


Good luck & enjoy your holiday x





Re: travel insurance

Dear eliz,


Welcome to the forum.  I'm sure other members will soon notice your post and come along with some information and support.  Meanwhile I thought the thread "Travel insurance tips" might be of some help.  I have attached a link:




Very best wishes



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travel insurance


hope somebody can help me or point me in the right direction...new to all this.

diagnised with DCIS (non invasive), had subsequent  successfull  breast reconstruction surgery and  25 sessions of radiotherapy  as precautionary measure. expect to get all clear(totally disease free) at my forthcoming  discharge check up with my oncologist

hoping to take an extended holiday in an eec country(safeguard of EHIC card)  in late april...9 weeks after completion of radiotherapy.

have been advised it may be difficult to get travel insurance.(with possible excesses and non insurance for certain outcomes)..at present I have travel insurance cover through my  tsb  bank account which I have used for many years and never claimed.

 can anyone advise me on the negotating tactics for  obtaining travel insurance..what are the main points the insuers wish to cover so that I can be prepared in advance of any direct contact with them.

I have been advised I may need a "fit to travel" letter from my oncologist/gp...has anybody got experience of this  and does anyone have a template letter, or form of words successfully used, which hits the spot with the insurance industry in terms of content.

hopefully my bank will provide the requisite insurance, but failing that can someone recommend other companies who might be  prepared to insure me.?

sorry if this is old ground but I would appreciate any help/pointers/dsuccessfull strategies/points to avoid etcthanks for any help in advanceHeart