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travel insurance


Re: travel insurance

I had a mastectomy 6 years ago. My husband and I also have other health issues. We have had difficulty getting health insurance - some insurers just won't insure us, others cost thousands. We now use the Post Office - but they won't insure pre existing conditions .

Re: travel insurance

Hi Heather

I picked up the macmillan Getting Travel Insurance ...which contained lots of advise and companies with phone numbers who offer insurance. Apparently the further in advance you book..the higher the risk...so is best to leave closest to he date you want to travel.

General insurance providers are cheaper than specialist....some bank accounts have policies attached ..it might be worth checking yours

Good luck

Donna x


Re: travel insurance

I had a masectomy and great replacement done on the 31st January and will be having my second op (semitary)on the 30th May (my choice). My husband and I wanted to go to California in September so I researched on Google for the best way to arrange insurance EXCLUDING my condition..I spoke to various companies and eventualy got insurance through our Natiowide Bank account..but there are companies out there that exclude some known medical conditions. The only stipulation that they made was that I was not covered if I flew 12 weeks after surgery....it's very much a game of Internet searching and speaking to the companies to see what they have to offer.

Re: travel insurance

Hi heathercora,


While you're waiting for other members to respond to your post, I've attached a link to the section of the forum dealing with Work, Finance and Travel.  There may be some threads on there which are helpful.




Very best wishes



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travel insurance


I have just had a mastectomy, i think i am going to have radiotherapy, i have booked a gullet cruise in turkey for 16th August, but no flights as of yet, we were just going to book them, then this devastating news came out of the blue.

I am now worried i can not get travel insurance, can anyone advise me on this.