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update on visit to GP


Re: update on visit to GP

You are not a fraud I for one hope you are wasting everybodys time including your own.we owe it to ourselves to get these things checked out.good luckxxxx


update on visit to GP

Well I went and spoke to the female GP today who examined both of my breasts and said they felt normal.

I had told her that I had no lump as such just a gut feeling that the hard area round my nipple was not fully explained (which hubby and last GP felt back in august), the hard area had vanished by the time I went to breast clinic and surgeon said nothing was wrong and after 5 Min's I was out.

I explained that I still felt that the left breast round my nipple area felt different when aroused and was harder and more dimpled than my right. I had hoped she would tell me its only hormonal and because of the menopause, and just to keep an eye on it but she has referred me back to the breast clinic, as this time with it being a year since the last mammogram they will do one again to check because of my family history.

She has said she feels there is nothing to worry about, but because I have a nagging voice in my head saying what if ,I'm better to be checked and also said that hopefully this time it will settle me once and for all if it shows everything is fine.

Thanks to all of you who told me to go and get checked.
I do feel a bit of a fraud going back, but as a lot of you said and from what I have read on here its better to be safe and sorry.