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what questions should I be asking???


Re: what questions should I be asking???

You will be allocated a Breast Cancer nurse (or should be) and your surgeon will explain everything to you. They are pretty good at going through everything with you, so it is difficult to know what to ask. Its a good idea to have someone with you, so that they can take the information in aswell. It might be handy to take a pen and paper, incase you want to make notes. My experience was a good one, as I was given so much information with booklets etc. You will be overwhelemd at first with it all, but you should be given a contact number for your BC nurse, who you can call at anytime if you have questions (we all think of them AFTER the consultation).I am 2 weeks post mastectomy, going in next week for lymph node removal, and I still have questions I need to ask, but until ALL results are in, I have no answers! Sadly, it's a big waiting game. Try and stay strong, but also allow yourself some "meltdown" time xxx

what questions should I be asking???

10 days ago I was told I had BC. They thinks it's about 3cms attach to my skin. I don't know anything else. I'm going for my biopsy results tomorrow. Just wondered what kind of questions should I be asking?
My Anxiety has peaked again last couple of days! My thoughts are going into dark places! Trying to keep mind busy! Xx