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what to expect next


Re: what to expect next

Hi Starsky

I did have an introduction to the chemotherapy lounge a few days before I was due to start so I would chase up your hospital about this as they should go through the drugs you will be given and any other medication you are going to be prescribed. it is a good idea to do this before the actual day as on the day itself you may not be able to absorb much of what they are telling you. I was given some literature to read about the chemo that I was being given and I read it quite a few time during my time on chemotherapy. It also helps you understand any side effects you may have.

Some people do work through the chemotherapy and others don't feel well enough. Some are in a good financial position and decide not to work. I wasn't actually well enough to work during my chemotherapy but everybody is different and reacts differently to the medication.

I know it feels as if your life seems to have been taken out of your hands and to a certain extent it has but you can also take control by doing what you can, when you can and not what other people tell you you should be doing or how you should be feeling. The chemotherapy is not that pleasant but it really is very doable. There are drugs you can be prescribed for most of the side effects you may encounter. Don't suffer in silence!

Best wishes to you and good luck for 21st October.

Big hugs
Ruby xxx

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what to expect next

Hi just wondering I am due to start chemotherapy on the 21st October, I have
not had a pre appointment for this withe chemo nurse etc was sondering if this is
the normal procedure.Also I am just wondoering if I should return to work whilst going through the chemo and rads due to last 6months or so.

I do have paid leave so finance is not a problem imminetntaly so scared as
my life seems to be have taken out of my own hands