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when wil my start date ever arive


Re: when wil my start date ever arive

Poppy, I share your frustration with getting a date for your Chemo, I am waiting too, not so much as you though. I have a very good BCN who is on it. Motto " squeaky wheels get oiled".
I am waiting to get my shoulder length hair cut in prep for it, have never had short hair - this is going to be a real challenge, I really understand how you feel. I don't really fancy the cold cap - some people say it works for them. Some wigs I've seen seem very nice, have you tried any on yet?

Josyemarie, I was glad to read your post, I have similar nasty with VI and nodes too, I saw it all in black and white today and was feeling down , but I've had so much support on here and reading your post too has really calmed me down.

Hope you get your date really soon Poppy. all the best. Px

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Re: when wil my start date ever arive

Will PM you pal. x

Re: when wil my start date ever arive

chased hospital today, and my detials hadnt been passed to the cemo section!! 2 weeks after my onc appoinment,

had a chat, i decided not to wait for the fertility chat, im 41 snd havent got kids, but i have to put all my focus on the cemo ect, so if kids for me were meant to be they will come later.

pencilled in a start date of monday 15th nov,, omg

Re: when wil my start date ever arive

Hi Poppy,
my op was on 11th jan and my chemo was supposed to start on 14th feb although I delayed it by a few days because of a family wedding. I had lovely waist length hair which was my trademark and only told close family about the bc and chemo so didnt want to turn up at the wedding with my hair shorn or coming out in handfuls! It did seem like a long time to wait for my chemo - especially as my tumour was a particulary nasty tn with node involvement and a lot of vascular invasion, but I'm still ned and it's been nearly 7yrs.
The person who told me when I was first diagnosed to take a year out of my life for treatment was right,but I certainly didn't wrap myself up in cottonwool,I just took time out for me and spent time putting things into perspective.I had my up days and my down days and days when I had to switch on automatic pilot just to get through them but all in all I found 6mths of chemo and 6wks of rads nothing as bad as I'd imagined it would be......and by far the worst part of treatment for me was loseing that hair!!! xx

when wil my start date ever arive

hey fellow pinkies.
dx dcis 20 sept. nodes clear, lump 21mm grade 3, oes weekly pos and her-2 neg

my lumpectomy was nearly 5 weeks ago, and due to havng throat surgery at the same time, my appointment with the onc wasnt until last monday.
a week and a half later im still awaiting an apointment to see the nurses in the garden cemo suite. never mind a start date. plus im supposed to be seeing a fertily guy, thats taking so long i cant see me having time to do anythink there before my cemo starts.

ive been really calm about the whole thing, apart form monday i posted i was really upset, and yeat and today im evil, snappy, tired, cant be bothered to do anythink. did have my hair cut shoirt in prep and i hate it. whats happened to myself!!