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wig donation site


Re: wig donation site

is this site still active - cant find on FB??


wig donation site

Hi, Please could you tel me am I allowed to post this message on your site?
Hi Everyone, I am not sure if I am allowed to post on this site. I ran a hairloss site years ago but because of ill health had to closed the site. My best friend has breast cancer and this has made me decide to reopen a wig donation site again. The site is on facebook hairraising hairraising. I have a few wigs on the site as it was only set up 2 days ago.If anyone has any wigs/ hats /scarves to donatet please private message on that site. Or do you have any ideas of different ways of wearing head wear or photos with different styles  to cover hairloss , .. if you have any information about  the best way to care for your wigs please feel free to post your information on the site. This will help others.who are new to hairloss...Thanks for reading ...x