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wig to hair transition tips


Re: wig to hair transition tips

Hi there Angie


Like all these other lovely ladies i would say i just went for it....... However the reality is not so easy. My hair reappeared completely white and resembled a Brillo Pad / Pan Scrub. (I could see my Nana looking back at me from mirror - she is 94 i am 51 so that was not the look i was aspiring to). Hairdresser had shaved it for me previously but it didn't grow back evenly so he leveled it up on the length (i think it was about 3/4" long) and i used a vegetable colour (available on internet) to get something like the auburn i had before.  I used to wash and condition (with FAST ) then use straighteners / wax to get a funky spiked look and pulled some little spikes onto my forehead. I also made sure i had done my make up / eyebrows which in turn gave me a bit more confidence.   Can't speak highly enough of Look Good Feel Better session.  Lovely group of girls, excellent tips and fabulous goody bag for experimenting with new looks...... 


I finished Chemo end Feb and ditched the wig July 'it was just too hot'.  I continue to use FAST and hair is growing about 1cm per month and improving in texture.  I have had it coloured / cut twice since and am used to short spiky hair now. It is a much better style / shape.


It does feel Angie like we are much higher maintenance following treatment. I spend more time looking after myself, moisturising, caring for nails, Pilates and relaxation etc but i figure that may not be a bad thing.


However you go just remember you are on the right side of the treatment now and take good care of yourself.   Gilly x  


Re: wig to hair transition tips

Hi Angie,
I ditched my wig/scarfs when we went to Spain begining of Oct and haven't worn them since. I do wear a hat now that it's a bit colder when Iam out otherwise have no problem. Just go for it! Xx

Re: wig to hair transition tips

Hi Angiepops, I just had enough one day during the hot spell and took the wig off and never went back to wearing it. Nobody commented and now all I get is compliments about how well it is growing. I feel much happier than I did when wearing the wig. So go for it and be happy.

Re: wig to hair transition tips

I too have very short hair, and it's very white with dark patches. (Husband says I resemble a Gloucester Old Spot pig!). I asked him to tell me when he thought I could appear without hat, wig or scarf and when he said he thought I was almost ready I went to church and whipped off my hat. I chose to do it amongst friends and not so close friends, but in a place I knew was safe. And they were ALL so thrilled for me that it was coming back, so complimentary, and so enthusiastic that from then on I've bared my head. Except it's too cold to do it out of doors!


And you know what? Nobody gives it a second look. In truth I think everyone's so wrapped up in their own lives that if I appeared nude they wouldn't notice or care. Those who know me say nice and encouraging things, but in the main they say nothing. I am wearing a BCC pin, and the variations on pink bows are pretty universally recognized, so maybe some more sensitive people clock that and draw their conclusions, but who cares?


Go for it Angie - and let us know how you get on!

Jane x


Re: wig to hair transition tips


Yes southpool 🙂 I also did the same, it was during the spell off hot weather we had it was much too hot for the wig, I went out to do my garden without the wig and just felt so liberated 🙂 I did have a covering of hair but bit of a shock to the system having shoulder length before chemo ( wig matched this) but it did get easier.

It was so nice to feel the breeze 🙂 I used to find the wig so uncomfortable. You can do it good luck xxxx


Re: wig to hair transition tips

In the end I just went for it. Went on holiday 2months after the end of chemo & when I came back left the wig behind. In my head I had much more hair than I actually had. No one in work batted an eyelid & commuting to & from work I didn't notice any odd looks. I do think brazen it out with confidence even though it is tough is the best approach. Good luck xx


wig to hair transition tips


i know this is probably not a very important subject for those who are still getting treatment,

i have very very short hair, 12 weeks since last chemo, and i wqnt to go back to real hair instead of my wig but i am finding the  change back a lot harder than when i had my head shaved at the outset. i thought about popping a bow on my head, or something that means i dont just have the hairline shape? i work in a hotel so i dont want to have guests staring or asking questions but its getting very hot with the hair and the wig

any ideas?? how did you swap back??

angie xx