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worrying about results - can anyone help


Re: worrying about results - can anyone help

Hi Debh

I found out the grade and type of cancer when I had my 1st appointment with the oncologist to discuss my treatment after my mx. It is only when the tumour is removed and analysed that they really know exactly what they are dealing with so that is probably why you haven't been told anything yet. Once you find out what your treatment plan is I daresay you will be able to have your questions answered then.

My oncologist gave me a written account of everything that she told me at my 1st appointment with her, although I wasn't given a copy of the pathology report as very often these are not in layman's terms whereas the oncologist's account to me was. RevCat's reply lists the most important items that your oncologist should extract from the pathology report and let you know as they are what your treatment is based on. Anything else is probably info that you really don't need to know anyway.

Just remember that whatever your cancer type is you will be given the very best treatment for YOU so don't even worry yourself about what anybody else has had or hasn't had. We are all individuals and we will all receive our treatment as such.

Things will become clearer in time so try and remain calm and remember that everything will be in your best interests whatever your treatment plan is.

Best wishes

Mazzalou x


Re: worrying about results - can anyone help

Hi Debh,
I just want to reassure you're not alone. I wasn't told much after my biopsies either. Only the treatment that expected me to have. They did say the size they thought the tumour was but this was incorrect and the correct size was only determined when the tumour was removed. I was too scared to research anything before I got my biopsy results so I didn't know what questions to ask. We all deal with things differently and I didn't research after I got my pathology results following my op either. I have never asked for my pathology report and chose to learn about my cancer as I went along. Think I buried my head in the sand for a while. Don't worry that things are being kept from you. I'm sure that your team will tell you as much or as little as you want.
Sending you lots of Positive vibes xxxx


Re: worrying about results - can anyone help

hi all they will tell you the grade and stage after your op, once they have done the slicing on it. thing will become more clear when you go back for your results. all the best from gaynor x

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Re: worrying about results - can anyone help

I wasn't told much after biopsy - just that it was BC!

It was after WLe that I was given grade etc. Still don't know as much ie type as others seem to!

And my news was "good"! clear margins and no node involvement so no info now doesn't neceassarily mean bad news!

Hope this helps!

Marina xx


Re: worrying about results - can anyone help

Hi Deb

I am posting the link to the BCC publication RevCat has mentioned 'Understanding your pathology report':


If you need to talk any aspect of this through please call our helpliners on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat

Take care


Re: worrying about results - can anyone help

Hi DebH,
The waiting is just the pits isn't it? And it can seem, especially when you read forums, that everyone else is told things that you aren't. There is a fair bit of variation between hospitals and even between doctors as to what they tell you and when. My undertsanding is that they can only finally determine size and grade after surgery... sometimes a biopsy can suggest, say, grade 2 but the full pathology shows grade 3 (or, evidently vice versa). I was told after my biospies that my cancer was ER+ and HER2-, but not the size or the grade. Because I had chemo first, and because of a hiccup with a carelss junior doctor, I was told the start size of my tumour and its then size part way through my chemo. I was not given any information about the grade, or final size, until after my surgery when I was also told the extent of node involvement. The truth is, they can't always be exactly sure what's there until they get it out.

When you go for your results they should tell you:
ER (and PR) status
HER2 status
No of nodes involved, if any
They should also be able to give a hint of how good the margins were

It seems most people in England are given their pathology report (BCC have a leaflet which explains what it all means) but I wasn't offered one (I'm in Scotland) though my surgeon epxlained everything really well.

Try not to read anything too sinister into the silence, it's probably just the way they do things at that hospital.

Hope you have a reasonably good weekend - give yourself a few treats and try not to think about the results appoinment too much.


worrying about results - can anyone help

Hi all,

Can anyone help, everyone seems to know what kind of cancer they have eg. size grade etc, after receiving there biopsy results. I dont understand why I was'nt told when I went back for my biopsy results. I have had my mastectomey, and now waiting for results from the op which is on 2nd Feb, I am so scared they know something really bad and thats why they never told me at my biopsey appointment. Is there anyone else out there that did'nt know what cancer they had before there pathology results came through.