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zoladex and aromase inhibitors and bone health


Re: zoladex and aromase inhibitors and bone health

Hi Gerry I am post menopausal and on Anastrazole. Have done one month so far and have sore shoulders which also extends into elbows and wrists. Low level headaches and neck pain at times too. The AIs are worse for aches and bone density so DEXA scans are part of the treatment plan to monitor bone changes. I have been recommended high dose glucosamine and chondroitin three times a day plus high calcium diet. Not sure it makes any difference but have to believe it might be alleviating some discomfort. My surgeon said the aches were quite normal for Anastrazole and they wouldn't consider changing iI until I had done 6 months as this is how long it could take for my body to get used to it. I think all of these things come with some s/effs so put up with it in the hope that it does the necessary. i haven't been prescribed anything extra for bone health as my DEXA results looked ok. Hpe that helps. Good luck with the next phase. X

Re: zoladex and aromase inhibitors and bone health

Hi Gerry, I am in my forties and have been on Zoladex for nearly 2 years. I was on Tamoxifen but was taken off after some side effects and am now on Exemestane which is usually given to post menopausal women. In my experience the Zoladex is the drug causing the worst of the side effects, I have joint pains in my shoulders, occasionally my hips as well as the hot flushes and night sweats but I'm now starting to get numbness on the tips of my fingers and toes. I put it all down to the Zoladex but it could be a combination of the two drugs, wiping out Oestrogen is not natural! I'm due to have an Oopherectomy next month which will allow me to come off the Zoladex, I cannot wait! If you have completed your family you be offer offered this operation at some point.
since I started Exemestane I haven't suffered any nausea as some people do and my surgeon told me that he reckons it has "got the edge on Tamoxifen". As for bone health, I assume you've had a DEXA scan? i am taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement while on Zoladex as I have heard that it does strip your bones of these vital nutrients. Did you know that Tamoxifen actually helps bone density? It's true.
good luck and hope that helps. Xx


Re: zoladex and aromase inhibitors and bone health

Hi Gerry

You may find the following information from BCC about bone health and breast cancer treatment useful to read:


If you have any queries you would like to talk to our clincial team about you can contact them via our helpline or 'Ask the Nurse' email service, details of these and other support services from BCC can be found via this link:


Take care



zoladex and aromase inhibitors and bone health

I am forty years old and due to add in an aromase inhibitor after 5 months on zoladex.any tips for which one is best in terms of side effects and any noticeable additional side effects? Also, anyone been prescribed a bisphosphonate for bone health or calcitonin and have you any side effects? Worried about the bone health aspects also!