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Amiltriptyline and radiotherapy


Re: Amiltriptyline and radiotherapy

Hi AliBrunton

Thanks for your question.


Taking amitriptyline whilst having radiotherapy wouldn’t normally be a problem.  However it’s always important to tell your radiotherapy team about both prescription drugs you’re taking or considering taking.


This also includes vitamin and mineral supplements that are bought over the counter. Because of uncertainty about how safe it is to take vitamins, particularly high-dose antioxidants (including vitamins A, C and E, Co-enzyme Q10 and selenium), during your radiotherapy, many specialists recommend avoiding them. 


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Best wishes



Breast Cancer Care Nurse


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Amiltriptyline and radiotherapy

I have been prescribed 10mg or amiltriptyline to help me sleep as menopausal. I am due to start radiotherapy next week and wondered if it is ok to carry on taking this whilst having treatment?