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Arimidex question


Re: Arimidex question

Hi Patricia


Thanks for posting.


Although not a typical side effect, some people do report eye problems like dryness with aromatase inhibitors as David says.


Your GP or local pharmacist can recommend some drops or ointment which may help ease this. Sometimes it is a case of trying different things to find solution. It’s also a good idea to let your treatment team know if you are experiencing side effects.


It might be helpful to post on the main section of our Forum for more support.


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Re: Arimidex question

My GP says it can.  I'm on letrozole and have had scratchy eyes since about April - mine feel like I have suddenly been stung or some tiny piece of grit has just got in my eye.  I had the same last summer and then it calmed down in the autumn.  I have tried all sorts of tear replacement drops and ointments with not much success.  A pharmacist said it might be allergic conjunctivitis from pollen etc as it happens in summer months only, or a combination of dry eye and allergy.  I tried hayfever eye drops, again with not much success - you need to use them for several weeks before they work which doesn't help in the immediate term.  What has worked for me is the occasional antihistamine/allergy tablet, so now I take one as soon as my eyes play up, force myself not to rub my eyes and it seems to hold the worst of symptoms off.  Good luck.  Sore eyes are so frustrating - or they are for me!




Arimidex question

Can Arimidex cause dry eyes?