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Baths and showers


Re: Baths and showers

Hi DaisyJ


Thanks for posting.


Chemotherapy can cause someone’s skin to change as Chick says. It may become drier or more sensitive. The main thing is that the product suits your mum’s skin. There isn’t any reason to avoid certain products unless your mum does develop more sensitive skin, in which case products that are uncoloured or unperfumed as less likely to cause reactions.


This  information about cosmetic and toiletries has some details about parabens and aluminium  which may be of interest.


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Best wishes




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Re: Baths and showers

Hello Daisy, 

I am sure the nurses will respond tomorrow so until then I thought I would share my knowledge /experience. 

Sorry to hear about your mum's diagnosis. I wish her well with her treatment. What a lovely daughter you are seeking info on her behalf. 

Chemo can affect people in different ways and there are different chemo treatments. Hence not everyone will have all or the same side effects.

There is nothing to stop your mum using whatever she regularly uses or for you to buy her some Radox. It may also depend on the your mum's current skin condition. 

Chemo can have a drying effect on the skin. Hence, your mum may want to consider products with reduced perfume and colourants/chemicals that may contribute to dry skin effects. Some people will also advise to avoid products containing parabens as these are seen as contributing to oestrogen levels. 

However, in my opinion there is no need to buy specially designed chemo products which can come with an expensive price tag. I used Sanex Zero% before and during treatment.  The one I used had 0% parabens, soap and colourants. It still had a bit of smell to it so was not perfume free but you can get this.  Anyway, I never pay more than a £1 for the shower one (which you can use in the bath) or £2 for the bath one. I did not have a problem with dry body skin during chemo. I also used e45 cream or an organic body cream from Holland and Barrat as I did before chemo. I did change my deodorant to Bionsen aluminium and paraben free roll on. This is readily available from Boots or similar and costs about £2.50.

During chemo, I also had a few baths in Epsom salts, not bought specially, I just had a big bag in the cupboard. Onco said it was ok to use. 

Best Wishes to you both, 

Chick 🐥 



Baths and showers


I was wondering if anyone could help. My mum has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and starts chemo soon. I wasn't sure what do get her for bathing. I thought of bubble bath (radox?) But wasn't sure if it was ok to use or not.

Thank you