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Bone scan


Re: Bone scan

Hi Sara


Thanks for posting here.


The terms lesion and tumour are sometimes used interchangeably. However, the term’ lesion’ is often used to describe an area of tissue before its cause has been identified, for example breast cancer.


Definitions in medical dictionaries describe a lesion as; ‘a region in an organ or tissue which has suffered damage through injury or disease, such as a wound, ulcer, abscess, or tumour’. And a tumour as; ‘an abnormal mass of tissue that results from excessive cell division that is uncontrolled and progressive.


They may be either benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer)’.


Investigations such as bone scans or CT scans are not routinely performed at diagnosis or as part of breast cancer follow up.  However, they may be requested if doctors feel that there is a high risk that the cancer may have already spread, or you have symptoms that need checking.


Do ask your team about whether any scans are required once your doctor has explained the results of your surgery to you. It can also be helpful to ask him/her to explain their reasoning for this, so you understand how they reached their decision.


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Bone scan



I wonder if you could help me with a couple of questions that I've been thinking about.


I was diagnosed with bc on 18th Nov, they found 3 small tumours all under 1cm,  2 are grade 1 ductal and the other is grade 2 globular. They couldn't see anything in lymph nodes. Following my original tests, biopsies etc, they sent me for an MRI which showed another 2 small lesions in same breast and a lump in other breast which turned out to be benign...please could you explain the difference between a tumour and a lesion? I had a left breast mastectomy on 12th Dec with sentinel node biopsy, results on 6th Jan. Also I've been reading a lot about bc recurrence and secondary bc and there seems to be some evidence suggesting that for some women it had spread to the bones fist time around but not been detected....can I request a bone scan even if they don't suggest it?