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Re: Calcification

Hi mumgonemad


Thanks for posting.


It’s natural to worry when biopsies are needed and to wonder if the correct area was checked.


It can take many months and sometimes years for breast tissue to settle down completely after surgery.


I wonder if you had a stereotactic core biopsy. This is where samples of tissue are taken using a needle biopsy device connected to a mammogram machine and linked to a computer. This helps locate the exact position of the area that needs to be biopsied. The radiographer and radiologist (a doctor who specialises in the use of x-rays, ultrasound and scans to diagnose and treat disease) would be able to see if the tissue sample taken during the biopsy contained calcification as this shows up on an x ray. This is usually how you can be sure that the correct area has been biopsied. The sample would be looked at under a microscope and this would also show calcification, and therefore that the correct area had been sampled.


However as you are worried, it might help to talk this through with your breast care nurse.


You are also very welcome to talk this through with one of us here. We often find we can help people more by speaking to them on the phone.  The number is 0808 800 6000.


Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am -1pm on Saturday. Out of hours you can leave a message and we will call you back when we next open.  


Please be aware that we will be closed on Saturday 9 November for training purposes.


Best wishes




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Hi, I had mastectomy april 2018 & had yearly mammogram Oct 2018 and they wanted biopsy of hard lump in right breast after reduction. Came back scar tissue.

I had 2nd yearly screening 15th Oct & radiographer wanted core biopsies AGAIN as calcification showed up clustered behind nipple. They werent there the year before. So NEW changes & had more core biopsies there & then.

Had a phone call on friday saying all clear it was scar tissue. BRILLIANT.

BUT how did that new scaring appear ?

Radiographer said at time they tiny specs so fingers crossed she could get them biopsied.

WHAT IF SHE MISSED the tiny new ones & there ARE changes that are early signs of ductal carcinoma?

I should be happy its negative but cant help worrying