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Combination Health issues and Cancer op and treatments


Re: Combination Health issues and Cancer op and treatments

Hello Astra


Thanks for posting.


It’s natural to feel overwhelmed at the thought of treatment for breast cancer when you also have other health conditions.


The risk of breast cancer increases with age and most women are diagnosed over the age of 50. As we get older other health problems also become more likely, so it’s not unusual for someone with breast cancer to have other health conditions as well.


Although there will not be specialist doctors for COPD or diabetes at the breast clinic, the breast specialists you see will have knowledge and experience of treating women with these conditions. Before any treatment you will be assessed fully, with your medical history and any medication you are on taken into consideration.


I’m not sure if you have a specialist for your COPD and diabetes but if so and if necessary, the breast team will liaise with these as well.


Although radiotherapy can affect the lungs, complications of this are far less common now with the more sophisticated techniques and planning used to deliver treatment. Your doctors will weigh up the benefit of any therapies against the drawbacks and will adapt treatment to your individual situation, where necessary.


When you go to the clinic today do let them know your concerns. You can ask about the risk of short and long term side effects and the possible impact of these on your COPD and diabetes.  You can also ask how these would be managed should they occur.


I wonder if it would help to talk any of this through either before or after your appointment. If so do call our free, confidential Helpline on 0808 800 6000. We are here today until 4pm and tomorrow (Saturday) 9am-1pm.


You may also be interested in the range of free services we offer. In particular Someone Like Me where we may be able to match you with someone who had treatment with similar concerns.


Do get back in touch if we can help further


Best wishes




Breast Cancer Care Nurse


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Combination Health issues and Cancer op and treatments

I have Diabetes type 2 on metformin,

I have COPD on inhaler meds.


I have only recently been diagnosed DCIS high grade and was informed some invasive cancer cells were found in the biopsy but I understood that they had not broken out yet.


Tomorrow I go to local hospital for first discussion at the Breast Clinic and I guess I will learn a lot more then.


But my question is, will there be a team of people (for the op and treatment) to include one who is familiar with COPD and another in Diabestes type 2?


What sort of questions along these lines should I ask can you advise please?


I have been reading the mcMillan leaflet about the complications which may arise with having type 2 diabetes and cancer and I have also read that the radiotherapy can cause lung fibrosis.


I'm a bit overwhelmed, I was ok Managing 2 but now things are getting more complicated.


Many thanks for any suggestions.


Sorry if this is too short notice to get a reply before tomorrow lunch time but I am grateful either way.