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Re: Confused

Hello Sunshine78


Thanks for your post.


It’s understandable that you are confused as to why the results of the scans have varied so much. Mammograms are usually the best way of detecting any early changes within the breast. But sometimes other imaging techniques such as, an ultrasound or an MRI may be used in conjunction, when determining the extent of the DCIS


You mention that you had two mammograms and two ultrasounds that did not flag up anything of concern. Usually, further scans such as an MRI are done when the results of previous scans were not entirely clear. In this case, an MRI can show images in more detail and sometimes it can find some cancers that cannot be found on a mammogram.

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Best wishes




Breast Cancer Care Nurse


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Re: Confused

Hi Sunshine 78. First I’m really sorry you find yourself in this fabulous community but you couldn’t be in a better place to get the advice and support you need.

i completely understand how confused you are. I had my recall in October following my routine mammogram and at the start of the recall appointment they told me I had an area of real concern and had already been referred to a surgeon. After loads of biopsies etc I had the titanium marker inserted and was about to leave when they told me somehow the marker had missed the lump. Loads more biopsies and then they realised I actually had two lumps but one had not shown on the mammogram but had come up on ultrasound. It was sheer fluke they’d put the marker in the lump they didn’t know was there. Having two lumps meant a mastectomy which I had in December. Histology reports revealed there were actually three tumors.

I became paranoid that a mammogram and ultrasound had missed one so how could I be sure there was nothing in my “good” boob so they did extensive ultrasounds of that one - just to set my mind at rest.

The teams I’ve dealt with have been amazing and so thorough and I know they’ve done their very best to identify everything but clearly it’s not until the tissue is removed and dissected they can identify exactly what’s going on.

Fortunately for me I’ve not needed radiotherapy or chemotherapy and I had a fabulous reconstruction with implant done at the same time as my mastectomy.

I won’t say don’t worry because you naturally will but honestly once the operation is done and you’re on the other side you’ll hopefully feel very different about it, I truly do.

Take care and stay strong you have an army of us women who’ve gone before you wishing you well and giving you massive virtual hugs xx Melanie 




I'm really confused.

I've been put forward for a mastectomy as DCIS is in various places of my breast however after two mammograms and two ultrasounds nothing flagged up as concerning. It was a MRI that highlighted abnormalities and the report read "extensive abnormalities throughout right breast".

I understand that not all types of scans show things but surely if my abnormalities presented as extensive something should have shown on the mammograms and ultrasounds?

Can you help me understand this? 

Thank you