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Discharge after duct excision


Re: Discharge after duct excision

Hi Petra


Thanks for your post.


 It sounds as you have some discharge from the wound and from the nipple if you squeeze it.


It’s good the GP has assessed the wound and the swab came back clear. It sounds as if you need to return to the GP or practice nurse to ask for further advice. The area on the wound that’s leaking should heal but may need to have dressings applied until it has healed completely.


You may be referred back to the breast clinic if the nipple discharge continues but its best to avoid squeezing the nipple as this can often worsen the problem.


It’s also important to not overdo physical activity when recovering from surgery.


Our information about intraductal papilloma might be helpful and you are very welcome to call us to talk this through.


Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am -1pm on Saturday. Out of hours you can leave a message and we will call you back when we next open.  


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Best wishes




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Re: Discharge after duct excision

Hi Pet37


Thanks for posting. Hopefully other Forum users will reply soon. You may want to speak to one of our breast care nurses about your concern. We're here Monday to Friday 9am-4pm and Sat 9am-1pm. 


Best wishes


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Discharge after duct excision



Five weeks ago I had a single milk duct removed due to a intraductal papiloma that presented with a bloodied discharge from my nipple .  I have had the results to say everything was benign and that I have been discharged with no need for any form of follow up appointment.  My only complaint was the total lack of information I was given when sent home as far as wound care.


On the whole the recovery has been good, the surgery was on a Thursday and I went back to work on the Monday.  


A couple of weeks ago the last of the scab came away and ever since I am getting a white discharge when I put any pressure on my breast, and it is leaving residue in my bra so it is obviously 'leaking' during the course of normal activities.


I went to my GP as it looked a lot like pus to me, the nurse took a swab to be tested and this has come back clear.  Neither the nurse at my GP's or the dcotor she called in to check had a clue what it was.


Occassionally if I squeeze my nipple to clear it out the 'tail end' comes with a very small amount of bright red blood, which concerns me more than anything.  


Should I be worried by this discharge?  Should I be demanding to be refered back to the breast clinic at the hospital?  


I don't get any pain from it normally (although I am back training now and have had pain since my last session as I overdid it Smiley Embarassed )


Any advice greatfully received.