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Discomfort after breast cancer


Re: Discomfort after breast cancer

Hi Gaileigh


Thanks for posting.


Shortness of breath has lots of different causes but always needs to be checked by your GP or treatment team without delay to find out the cause. Sometimes after radiotherapy to the breast or chest wall area, part of the lung behind the treatment area can become inflamed, causing a dry cough or shortness of breath. This usually heals by itself over time but it’s not possible to say if this is the cause of your breathlessness.


We can’t say what is causing your pain in your breast and armpit but some people can have pain in their breast, chest, arm or armpit for many months or longer after surgery and radiotherapy.  Continuing to do arm and shoulder exercises during for several months after radiotherapy may help minimise the discomfort.  Do talk to your GP if the pain persists or worsens and here is some more information about managing pain.


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Best wishes




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Re: Discomfort after breast cancer


you shouldn’t have deleted your reply, any info is helpful ❤️ Xxx


Re: Discomfort after breast cancer

Sorry, didn’t see this was an Ask the nurse question. Post removed x


Discomfort after breast cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, had surgery in May and then radiotherapy in July, 

But now I’m experiencing some pain and discomfort in my breast and my arm pit, I’m also very breathless after any kind of exercise including just walking up a flight of stairs, is this normal?

Thank you