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Re: Fibroadenoma

Hi Spiderlegs


Thanks for your post.


It’s understandable you are feeling overwhelmed at being told you will need a general anaesthetic to remove a fibroadenoma in order to reduce the risk of rupturing your implant.


 A fibroadenoma is a very common benign (not cancer) breast condition which is mostly found in young women. The operation to remove it takes about half an hour and is usually done as a day case.


By removing the lump surgically there should be a lower risk of your implant being affected. Do mention to the surgeon on the day of surgery that you are concerned about the scar. You may see him on the ward or you can ask to see him in theatre before the anaesthetic is given.


You will usually be seen in the clinic a few weeks after surgery to check your wound and to give you your results.

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Best wishes




Breast Cancer Care Nurse


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I’m looking for some help, advice, guidance from anyone that has had a fibroadenoma. I’m 28 and have been to the breast clinic today and was told I could have a fibroadenoma which needs to be removed by surgery under general anaesthetic. They couldn’t do a biopsy by needle because I have implants and hardly any breast tissue between the lump and my implant so there’s a high risk of them rupturing my implant.


Has anyone else been through the same or a similar scenario with implants and fibroadenoma? I’m a bit worried the surgery will damage/rupture my implant and I also don’t want another scar on my breast in a visible place.


I know at the moment that this isn’t the worst thing but i’m still a little shocked and don’t know what to expect.  I don’t feel a great deal of information was given to me at the breast clinic so any help and advice is so greatly appreciated. 


Thank you x