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Looking after scars


Re: Looking after scars

Hi nattynats


Thanks for posting.


Although there is no evidence that rubbing cream into a scar will improve the appearance of it, some people feel it helps.


Most skin creams and oils can be used as long as they suit your skin. It’s also important the wound has fully healed before applying any lotions. As Shi says, your own team might be able to make some recommendations as well.


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Re: Looking after scars

Thank you Shi. I'll give that a go. 😊

Shi Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: Looking after scars

Hi nattynats I just creamed with aqueous cream and no scarring, it was tip passed onto me by cousin who had bc before me. Think others have used bio oil too. Don’t forget to ask your team too for anything they might recommend ❤️Hope this helps 💕💕✨✨shi xx


Looking after scars

Does anyone have any advice about how to minimise scarring after a wide local excision? I have a scar around the top of my areola and am worried about how it's going to look. 


Thank you!