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Mammogram and Voltarol


Re: Mammogram and Voltarol

Hi Rdz

Thanks for your post.

It is understandable that you are feeling anxious and dreading your first mammogram after treatment particularly as your breast remains very sore and painful following surgery and radiotherapy.

As alibobs says you may find it helpful to take some pain relief before your mammogram. This can include paracetamol or an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen.

Certain creams or lotions may affect the mammogram image so do check with your hospital team before applying Voltarol to the skin.

It’s not clear how long ago your surgery and radiotherapy were but, you can also speak to your specialist breast care nurse or doctor about the on-going pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

It is worthwhile also telling the person doing the mammogram how sore and painful the breast is and how much you are dreading it as they be able to support you too. 

Do call our Helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions. Your call will be confidential and the number is free from UK landlines and all mobile networks.

The number is 0808 800 6000 (Text relay prefix 18001).

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am -1pm on Saturday. Out of hours you can leave a message and we will call you back when we next open.


Best wishes

Breast Cancer Now Nurse


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Re: Mammogram and Voltarol


I hope I can give you a bit of reassurance. I recently had my 2nd mammogram since my WLE and sentinel node op followed by radiotherapy in February 18.

The best advice I was given was to take painkillers half hour before the mammogram and ask the nurses if they can do it manually.

This means the pressure is applied less quickly and I really think it was more comfortable. Also I would like to add my mammogram was 2nd year all clear..hurrah!!! Good luck hope you have the best outcome.💓💓


Mammogram and Voltarol

Have 1st mammogram Tues after lumpectomy WLE and radiotherapy. I'm still really really sore and therefore dreading the inevitable pain. I will take pain killers but can I use Voltarol on my breasts before a mammogram?