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Soreness after mastectomy and reconstruction


Re: Soreness after mastectomy and reconstruction

Hi Louise


Thanks for posting.


Although you have not found anything specific about what you are describing, women do experience a range of different sensations in and around a reconstructed breast. As Nicola describes, the sensations she had changed as time went on with things taking a number of months to settle down.  This is usually what happens as all the tissue adjusts and repairs.


It’s always important to report any symptoms or concerns so it’s good that you spoke with your consultant.

These Forums are a really good place to connect with other women who may have experienced something similar. Here is the link to the section on surgery. Our Someone Like Me service may also be of interest. 

Do call our free, confidential Helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions. The number is 0808 800 6000.


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Re: Soreness after mastectomy and reconstruction

I had mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with implant and mesh 4 years ago. The mesh is attached to the chest wall muscle so for the first few weeks I had a lot of pain in the centre of my chest and had to build up the time I was upright as when I stood up or sat upright it would pull. I think this started to improve between 2-4 weeks and I went back to work after 8 weeks. The “foob” will feel strange for at least a year, you will be aware of it though not actually in pain! But now I am not aware of it all the time and apart from the fact that it is numb, and it doesn’t droop like the other one, I have been really pleased with it! After about 12 weeks I was running and playing badminton again and able to wear swimwear etc without worrying. Good luck with your recovery but be patient it does take a while!! Nicola xx


Soreness after mastectomy and reconstruction



i am 15 days  post surgery and I am experiencing a soreness which feels like the silicone implant is rubbing again the chest wall. My consultant said  I’m still and it’s early days but I have not read anything about this as a side effect? I’m really starting to worry that something could be wrong.


yoir advice would be appreciated.


louise x