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Thank you

Community Manager

Re: Thank you

Hi Annie,

Thank you for your message and it's really encouraging to hear that you've found the forum helpful.

Please know that this is a space where you can find support at any time.

If you would like to close your account that is something that we can do for you and you can, of course, create a new account at any time. 

Please could you email our moderation inbox moderator@breastcancernow.org and one of the team will get that sorted for you.

Best wishes,



Re: Thank you

@Guest user 

good to hear that your anniversary coming up. Mine is today.

of course it’s up to you to not log onto the site any more but I feel I want to continue and try to support new men and women joining the forum, who are going through the same hell I was a year ago. Kind of paying back all the help and support I myself was given.

I would think you have learned a lot through your journey that may also help others as well-may be worth considering?


Guest user
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Thank you


I am coming up to the anniversary of my diagnosis and subsequent surgery. I’m marking it with a lovely meal out and a massage. Thus forum has been amazing but it is time to move on. How do I close my account here?

Many thanks

Best wishes