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Very Frequent Mammograms


Re: Very Frequent Mammograms

Hi Locky743


Thanks for your post.


It sounds like you are having an anxious time at the moment waiting for your genetic screening due to your family history and having been told you need three monthly mammograms. Having investigations for a breast problem can be a worrying and stressful time.


It may be helpful to try to bring your appointment forward so you can ask more questions about what they have seen on your mammogram and what the level of concern is. It’s understandable you are beside yourself. If you can’t change the appointment, you may be able to speak with a breast care nurse at the hospital where you have had your investigations for more information.


Sometimes repeat mammograms after three months are suggested to see if there are any new changes. It’s not clear from your post if you have had a biopsy of the area of concern.


As Jan mentions they seem to be thorough and are keeping you under review.


Please feel free to call our Helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions. Your call will be confidential and the number is free from UK landlines and all mobile networks.


The number is 0808 800 6000 (Text relay prefix 18001).


Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am -1pm on Saturday. Out of hours you can leave a message and we will call you back when we next open.


Best wishes




Breast Cancer Now Nurse


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Re: Very Frequent Mammograms

Hi Locky743 


Thanks for posting your question.


We hope to be able to respond to you tomorrow.


In the meantime our Helpline is open until 4pm today if you would like to talk things through. 


If you do phone our Helpline please let us know that you have asked a question on our forum so that we know your query has been answered. Thank you


With best wishes.




Ask Our Nurses Co-ordinator

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Re: Very Frequent Mammograms

Hi Locky


I think my response was along the lines of: GPs don’t usually diagnose breast cancer - they get suspicious and refer you on to an expert so, from what you say, you haven’t got a cancer diagnosis - which is a good thing. What you have got is the reassurance of regular checks to watch what does or doesn’t happen in the coming year, which is another good thing (yes, I know mammograms are horrible but let’s stick with the theory). This means that, should anything develop, you will get very early intervention, which is more than a good thing; it’s brilliant. 


I also said that I’m on the 3-monthly watch after a mastectomy and axillary clearance as I’m “heavily node positive.” I’ve had all the treatments, I’m cancer-free, I’m a walking mess of side effects but I don’t have to worry about what might happen because I’m being checked regularly. We are conditioned as a society to be terrified of cancer but fear (to me) is the worst part of this ‘cancer business.’ My excellent breast care nurse put it to me like this. She asked how I’d feel if I was told I had a 98% chance of never getting it again. Obviously great. So she pointed out I might be in the 2%. Hmm. Then she asked how I‘d feel if I was told I had a 98% of getting it again. Obviously awful, living with a death sentence. Yet I might be in the 2% - but I’d have spent all my time worrying and living in fear when, in the end, nothing happened. In other words, statistics are pretty useless in real life and why waste time and energy thinking the worst when I can’t change what might happen - or what might not. 


It’s helped me tremendously to get things in perspective and put my fears into a little box of what ifs. They sneak out in an occasional surge of horror and get put away with a gentle ticking off. Perhaps you could think about that 98% and your level of fear (‘beside yourself’ is pretty strong) and focus on getting that fear down to logical and bearable proportions. You’re being well looked after. Focus on that.


I hope things remain ok for you and don’t move into the bad news bit. If they ever do, it’s all bearable (and I am the expert in fear and panic) - look how many of us are here with our little moans and worries as well as our success stories. But meantime, try to focus on the good bits and worry about the bad when you have to? (Sorry if I sound a bit unsympathetic). Good luck, 

Jan x


Re: Very Frequent Mammograms

Its absolutely fine,  your welcome to comment,  as I'm completely in the dark x


Re: Very Frequent Mammograms

Sorry - yet again, I didn’t see this was for the nurses.


Very Frequent Mammograms

Hi, I had a scare in november, I was being tested for breast cancer, one gp found asymmetric density , and 5 nodules,the other that I saw last wasnt worried  about them, as not a great deal showed up on any scans/mammograms, I recieved a letter today and rang hospital immediately , I have to go for a mammogram every 3 months as a change in this asymmetric thingy, could turn malignant, I'm beside myself, as I was only waiting for a genetic screening, as cancer runs in my family,  I just dont understand why u have to go every 3 months, my appointment isn't until 6th feb x