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Vitamin and mineral supplements


Re: Vitamin and mineral supplements

Hello Marie


Thanks for posting.


It’s good to see you have found the Forums so helpful.


Information about vitamins and supplements can be confusing and conflicting. Many people ask about them as they want to do as much as possible to be healthy.


There is often the belief that vitamins and herbs are safe as they are considered natural but many of them don’t have to comply with the same regulations or rigorous testing that conventional medicines do. For many products there is a lack of research to support its use and some can interfere with conventional medicines including cancer treatments. 


Generally speaking, a multivitamin is not usually necessary if you have a healthy, well balanced diet. Although you don’t eat red meat, you can find iron in a range of other foods which you may well have on a regular basis. 


As there are so many supplements and many have various compounds it’s often necessary to check each one for any potential harms or interactions with other drugs.   You may find it helpful to search here for information about individual herbs and vitamins. Each has sections on existing evidence and what known interaction there is with other medications. There is a consumer version or a health professional link for more details.


If you have a breast care nurse do speak to her, and you may find it helpful to talk with your local or hospital pharmacist.


Do also call our free, confidential Helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions. The number is 0808 800 6000.


Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am -1pm on Saturday. Out of hours you can leave a message and we will call you back when we next open.  


Please be aware that we will be closed on Saturday 9 November for training purposes.


Best wishes




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Re: Vitamin and mineral supplements

Yep my onc told me to stop turmeric, matcha powder green tea, Rose hip supplement, black cumin seed oul etc too during chemo. Please check with your oncs. I know of others on the threads who have not had that advice from their oncs but some of us have, so follow guidance of your team ❤️ 💕💕shi xx


Re: Vitamin and mineral supplements

I was advised by my chemo doctor to stop taking any supplements during my treatment.

maybe speak to a nurse on here. Good luck 


Vitamin and mineral supplements


I’m relatively new to the forum and have found it really helpful to read the supportive and informative posts. A great support at such a stressful and frightening time in my life following diagnosis.

One question I remain confused about relates to multivitamins and minerals. I have always had a very healthy diet but don’t eat red meat and am conscious of taking enough dietary iron sources. Before diagnosis I took a daily vitamin and mineral tablet for the over 50s. I’m 58.

I’ve read a lot of conflicting information about whether it’s safe to take supplements with breast cancer. I’ve got oestrogen receptive, her 2negative locally advanced breast cancer. Had surgery before tumour in my inter mammory node was diagnosed so now on ribociclib and fulvestrant before radiotherapy at some point if it responds.

I asked oncologist registrar at my last appointment but she didn’t appear very confident in her response and began checking drug interactions before advising it would be fine to take them.

Would be grateful for your advice