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Why a hysteroscopy?


Re: Why a hysteroscopy?

Hi Pink74


Thanks for your post.


It sounds as if your treatment team are trying to find out why you are having vaginal bleeding while on anastrozole and zoladex. A vaginal ultrasound is often one of the first tests doctors suggests to find out what is causing symptoms. This is relatively straightforward and might provide the answer. 


If not then other tests might be recommended such as a hysteroscopy. A hysteroscopy can provide different or sometimes more details.


It sounds as if you will be seeing the gynaecologist first so you can check this out with them. The gynaecologist can give more information about why a hysteroscopy has now been suggested given your individual situation.

Do let the doctor know that you have found smears in the past painful and have concerns about pain from a hysteroscopy.  They will be able to explain what the options are for pain relief during the procedure. 


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Why a hysteroscopy?

I’ve been on anastrozole and zoladex for 5 years now, since my diagnosis and a mastectomy 2 years ago. I’ve also been on steroids since I was 6 for rheumatoid arthritis. I’m 44 now and still post menopause. I had very slight spotting with period like symptoms and pain. It was only a day and 2 months in a row, but nothing since. Except for period pain. My oncologist has arranged for me to see a gynecologist to have a hysteroscopy. I’m really anxious. I always have really painful smear tests, but they have said they will do it under a local anaesthetic. Anyway, I had an internal ultrasound examination and nothing was found on this, so why do they want to do this procedure now? What’s different?