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Work with a chemo line


Re: Work with a chemo line

Hi maxr1974


Thanks for posting.


Some people do have a central line put in for chemotherapy. This is usually preferable to using other sites such as the ankles. These lines can also be used for taking blood.


As Anniej says your treatment team will have come across this before so do ask them if there are any modifications you need to make at work.


It might help to know that central lines have a small cuff which sits under the skin which keeps it in place. It’s likely you will also have a clear dressing over the site to help keep it clean and secure. Your treatment team will let you know how to care for the central line and reduce the risk of any complications with it.


Our information about lymphoedema may be of interest.


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Re: Work with a chemo line

Hi, I'm sure your medical team will have come across this situation before so I wouldn't be too concerned. If your hand / arms no good they'll look at ankles , anywhere they can get into. I had a Hickman line into my chest as my treatment was to last over 6 weeks, which I was told is how long a PICC line lasts. It made the process so much quicker and I was very pleased with it. I am extremely careful about carrying stuff, even two years after my treatment, as I know Lymphodema can occur . I think if it was me I would be having a discussion re duties. I'm not sure you should be carrying anything .    Why not check with the nurses on here, or your own team just to make sure?  X 


Work with a chemo line

Hi, I have had a recurrence diagnoses and have a planning appointment for chemo (before surgery). I have lymphoedema in my left arm and surrounding area from my primary diagnoses. I am concerned that as I only have 1 arm available for chemo, bloods etc that there is a possibility I will need a line put in.

I work in the science department of a private school which involves lots of lifting, carrying and dealing with lots of different chemicals.

I know that this is only a possibility and may not happen but would like any advice just in case....