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Questioning my decision


Re: Questioning my decision

Hi Carole06,

Thanks for posting.  We've responded to your question here https://forum.breastcancernow.org/t5/Questions-about-primary-breast/Radiotherapy-to-left-breast/m-p/...

Kind regards


Breast Cancer Now Nurse


Questioning my decision

I saw my consultant last week to talk through the results of MRI and to decide on the way forward with regards my operation on the 10th Sept.  

At the time I made the decision to have breast conserving surgery to my left breast to remove the three cancerous lumps And have the right side evened up at the same time, this will then be followed by radiotherapy.  
I have since read a lot more about radiotherapy to the left side and am questioning my decision.  I am worried about causing damage to my heart and lungs and some of the other long term side effects.  I don’t want to save the breast if I am causing further problems elsewhere but on the other hand if the risk is minimal I don’t want to do something that is unnecessary, causing longer recovery and further stress.  I feel like I am going around in circles.   
I did request a call back on Friday from the cancer nurses and will hopefully hear from them tomorrow after the bank holiday, but any further advice would also be very welcome.