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Metastatic breast Cancer


Re: Metastatic breast Cancer

Hi Mustafa


Thanks for posting.


It’s not clear from your message if you are from overseas. Breast cancer treatments and healthcare services vary so much in different countries. The information we offer is specific to what is currently available in the UK.  If you are from overseas you might find this link helpful in finding a cancer organisation in your country.


It’s good to hear your sister is doing well living with her stage 4 breast cancer. The treatments for secondary breast cancer may include a number of treatments. When making decisions about how best to treat your sister, her doctor will consider factors such as: where the secondary breast cancer is in the body, any symptoms she has, what treatment she has had in the past and her general health.


Best wishes




Breast Cancer Care Nurse


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Metastatic breast Cancer


My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in July 2017 that was spread to her bones. Doctor start treatment and gave her chemo (paclitaxel and Doxorubicin) after that they removed her breast. But after the chemo tumor size remains still and do not shrink. After that, they started Herceptin and we had given 10 cycles.it was recommended 17 cycles but as we had moved to another city for treatment we couldn't afford to live there more and the Herceptin injection.

Now it has been 6 months she is only taking tablets and after every 3 months, local doctor does the test of CA 15-3.

in which the hormones are in the normal range.

she had a small tumor on her lungs too. till now she is doing fine sometimes she feels pain in her bones when she walks little more than the normal routine.

Now I want to ask is there anyone who guide me further what treatment she needs for a healthy life ( the place where we live has no proper hospital for a cancer patient and there is no oncology department).  I would be thankful if an experienced doctor or nurse guide me