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Pregnant & Worried


Re: Pregnant & Worried

Hi Elbie035


Thanks for posting.


It’s natural to feel worried and unsettled about being referred to the breast clinic especially as you are pregnant and concerned about the effect on your baby.


As your GP has said they are probably being overcautious but as the lump has not gone away after a couple of weeks, it’s best to get it checked. Knowing what can happen at the breast clinic might help you feel more prepared and you can take someone with you if you want. 


Do call our free, confidential Helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions. The number is 0808 800 6000.


Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am -1pm on Saturday. Out of hours you can leave a message and we will call you back when we next open.  


Best wishes




Breast Cancer Care Nurse


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Re: Pregnant & Worried

Hi Elbie,


I know it's worrying when you're referred to the breast clinic, let alone when you are pregnant, but please try not to stress too much. There are many harmless causes of lumps and swelling, and as you say you have experienced these before. It sounds like your nurse/GP have taken the standard approach of referring you on a precautionary basis, just to get it checked out properly.


So try not to panic, do whatever helps you and babe-bump relax while you are waiting for your appointment.


Seabreeze x


Pregnant & Worried


I’m a 30 year old woman who is 15 weeks pregnant. I attended my GP surgery today because of a lump/swelling in my left underarm. I couldn’t feel the lump but knew it felt generally swollen. After the nurse did some feeling around, she called in the GP. They said there was something there that was a bit deep so they’ve made an urgent referral to the breast clinic. I couldn’t have asked for any more from them but it took my by surprise. I’ve had lumpy underarms before and they’ve either gone, swapped armpits or needed antibiotics to clear up. I waited a couple of weeks as I genuinely thought that it was just one that would go. I feel so worried. They did say they are probably being over cautious but I can’t help but worry. Then I feel guilty for worrying and getting so upset because of my baby. I had full bloods taken about 8 weeks ago and they were fine and didn’t flag anything. I just can’t seem to settle as much as I try.