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9 ladies three years on


Re: 9 ladies three years on

I am delighted to be part of this group. We are now like sisters. Here here to many more meetups for the future🙂🎀💕

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9 ladies three years on

I wanted to share this with you because at times when you are going through treatment it feels like it will never end and that life will never get back to “normal” again. I hope that this is will be of some support to you.
In December 2017 14 ladies who had been virtual friends via the forum and our facebook page for a year came together in Manchester. It was an incredibly emotional and scary day, we had supported each other through the ups and downs of our individual treatments, but also in the joys of things that were happening in our lives and taking the mickey out of each other with some of the things we got up to, this was the first time we were going to meet “in the flesh” so to speak. What an afternoon there was so much laughter and tears of joy that we were actually together.  We posted on here at the time of our first meeting.
We vowed to meet up every year as a group and we have done so. This year we were 9 Ladies 3 years on, some of the group were not able to make it this year because of prior commitments normal life going on after breast cancer and we did lose one of our lovely members this year.
One of the things we said we were going to do once we had all finished treatment was to meet up at the seaside, sit on a wall and eat fish & chips. Summer 2020 here we come.
Here is this years picture
Our Gang three years on.jpg


Helena xxx