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Alternative to radiotherapy tattoos


Re: Alternative to radiotherapy tattoos

Just wanted to reply with my experience of radiotherapy tattoos. I got myself in a right old tizz about having the dots done. I too don't have tattoos and I dont like them either. I asked if I could use another method and explained my concerns. They refused and said they were absolutely necessary. The nurse who did them in the end was amazing!! I couldn't see them then and 14 months since end of rads no one could find them if they tried!! They were visible to the radiotherapy staff and even they remarked on the nurse's careful handiwork! I would suggest you vent your feelings and concerns as I did and I hope they listen to you too.  Good luck. The rads really are a breeze once you get started❤❤


Re: Alternative to radiotherapy tattoos

Hello Lizandsarah, 

Totally relate to having "enough scars already to deal with"!! 


The radiotherapy tattoos are just like black pin pricks (well mine are).  However, if you do a search through the Radiotherapy Section, you will find info from a user called Emmard who details how they dealt with her (allergy) circumstances in a novel way and bypassed permanent tattoos. 


I would contact Radiotherapy/discuss at your Planning Meeting, how they deal with such issues as I am sure you will not be the first to not want them for whatever reason. Also ask about any disadvantages of not having so you have all necessary info to base a decision on. 


 Below is an extract from the Post referred to above:


"RT has been more challenging. In my planning meeting it was decided that in the absence of tattoos I would have plasters with the markings on to be replaced as required. I developed an allergy after 3 days (and now have square shaped scars where the plasters were) and they were removed.


With the innovative use of 3 poly pockets (see-through document holders) permanently marked using my moles/nipples as markers, I am marked up daily by the radiologists. I am also imaged every day as a precaution. To be fair, everyone’s been amazing and it doesn’t really take that much longer each day."


Best Wishes to you, 

Chick 🐥 x


Re: Alternative to radiotherapy tattoos

I didn't even realise they were doing them and now, 6 months nt, you really can't see them without looking hard. Try not to worry.

Alternative to radiotherapy tattoos

Has anyone any experience of an alternative to permanent tattoos within the NHS? I have a significant needle phobia, and have always personally hated tattoos in any form. I know some people who haven't had them but they've been treated privately. I've got enough scars to deal with, without adding to them, and it isn't a vanity thing.