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Completed radiotherapy yesterday! Wow!


Re: Completed radiotherapy yesterday! Wow!

Hi @LaceWing 

Am sending such heartfelt "CONGATULATIONS" to you, girl.

WELL DONE to YOU. Am loving your attitude. Beautiful photo collage too.

Lots of love to you, Dellywelly xXx



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Re: Completed radiotherapy yesterday! Wow!

Oh, well done you it's an amazing achievement.
We do somehow find our way through it all - seems like a mountain to climb when we first start all the treatment - but we brave ladies finally get there.

Love the photo nice to get back to some form of normality, isn't it?

Huge hugs, and wine gums (I don't mind sharing them).
Poppy xx❤️


Completed radiotherapy yesterday! Wow!

Three weeks ago, I posted that I was anxious about starting adjuvant radiotherapy, described to me as a “belt and braces” approach following mastectomy.  Two months before that, I was anxious about having my mastectomy.  Two weeks before that, I was agonising about whether to have a reconstruction at the time of the operation.  Two weeks prior to that, I was shocked to receive my diagnosis, and couldn’t even speak the word - cancer.  What a carousel!  

I have completed my 15 sessions of radiotherapy course yesterday with the only side effect being very slightly sensitive skin which responds very well to FlamIgel cream which I used fastidiously every day. I have come a very long way and am now looking forward to resuming most of my activities.  Being a photographer, I found I did not want to carry around my heavy camera bag with kit and lenses, so my lovely husband bought me a new iPhone.  Amazing!  
I am posting here to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel which we are all passing through and are at different points in that journey.  I may have concerns later, but today o am good and I know that I have support from friends, medical and nursing staff, and right here on this forum.  I haven’t taken any photos for a while, here’s my iPhone photo collage  taken to today in lovely sunshine.