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Flamazine - how long before an improvement


Re: Flamazine - how long before an improvement

For anyone interested in the answer:  about 11 days.

I suffered a small skin break on day 26 out of 33 and it was dressed with mepitex until Radiotherapy finished.  My skin continued to break and blister until abut 10 days after despite using Flamazine and mepitex dressings daily.  At that stage my underarm was completely bright red and was weeping all over. The area was about 6 inches square. 

By day 11 I noticed a few tiny pink spots of new skin and now day 14 after finishing there are only 2 areas still weeping (about a sq inch each) so its is slowly improving.

However, my back which did not get a direct beam has now started to break up but not as bad as the underarm.  At least I know it should be fairly healed before starting chemo in 2 weeks.





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Re: Flamazine - how long before an improvement

Hi RainyDay7

Thank you for posting and sorry to read about your radiotherapy side effects. Our clinical nurses are available to chat through this and offer advice about Flamazine. They can also offer a listening ear if you want to chat. You can reach them on 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes,



Flamazine - how long before an improvement

I've just finished 33 sessions of radiotherapy to my underarm and the skin started to break after 26. I used mepilex dressings for a week but the blisters only got worse so was prescribed Flamazine a week ago and used it at the weekend.  I stopped Monday and Tuesday for the last 2 sessions and restarted again after.

Every time I remove a dressing its soaked with green gunk.  I was told its not infected but just wondering how long before the weeping stops?

I'm using the Flamazine once a day and more often if dressing needs changing if too wet.  Should I be using it more often?  

I was also given Nu-gel but not sure when to use that?  I assume the Flamazine is better when its prescription only.