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Lots of questions


Re: Lots of questions 2

Hi Nipper


As Ann says - you will be fine and the staff will do a virtual hand hold every step of the way.


Mind was in the left breast and I had to do the breath hold at my planning CT for the measurements.  That was the longest I ever had to do it for!  I think the most was a count of 15 .


During the treatments I was told if I was ever worried I was  to wave my hands to get the staff to come back in. And they talk to you all the time over the intercom to tell you what to do.


At my hospital I went on a Maggies chat with the radiographers and then a chat from the medical physicist on how it all works and finally a visit to the equipment, so it was all demystified beforehand, so do that if your hospital does the same.


I was recommended Aveeno and Aloe Vera gel if it got hot afterwards.  On my last day I was given a list of 'what to do if'. Every day the staff inspected my radiated area to check it was all OK.


Here, apart from the planning CT I was never given a gown.  All I had to do was dump my stuff on a chair in the corner of the treatment room and whip off my top and bra, so I always wore an easy to remove top half.  All modesty left me after the first biopsy, realising the staff have seen at all beforehand, so I never even used the cover up paper sheet as it was clutched on only to walk 4 paces!


I was felt tip marked at every treatment which meant I got through a load of bras/crop tops as it goes everywere when you dress again.  It's a little ticklish having it done!  I did revert back to the post op crop tops as my snb scar got a little irritated and it is on the bra line


I did have a man a couple of times, but I didn't mind, but I was asked at the planning session if it was OK. Quite often it was some of the same staff every day, so it can get a little chatty.


Some sessions lasted longer than others as they took xrays beforehand for checking and twice I had a followup session with a senior radiographer to see how I was doing


A session doesn't take long - mostly it's the getting you lined up OK. You don't feel a thing. The machine makes a buzzing noise when it's on and I just passed the time listening to the piped 'musac' and watching the machine re-adjust itself between doses.


In some ways it was quite relaxing really



Community Champion

Re: Lots of questions 2

Hi Nipper,

It will be ok. 

If you need to do the breathing technique, then you will be told & they will go theough it with you.  My left breast was the one that was treated & I was told that the oncologist would recommend it if needed.  I did not have to do it. 

Like you, I’m small breasted, again the oncologist prescribes the dose, but I understand it’s a standard regime anyway. 

The breast is exposed for treatment, but you are given a top which can open to expose the breast. I had male & female radiographers, it was appropriately handled & fine for me. If you feel uncomfortable with a male radiographer, then do tell them. 

As far as creams were concerned, I was advised to moisturise regularly & E45 cream was recommended. Others here have used aloe vera creams/gels. 

Do ask anything you need to, there will be time for you to do so. 

I found it all quite straightforward & oddly even quite enjoyed the experience, as I found it interesting & got to know the team. 

Sometimes appointments can run a bit late, but usually mine were pretty much on time, then I was in & out in about 15mins. 

ann x





Re: Lots of questions 2

There hasn’t been no mention of what to wear during the treatment. Asking for women radiographers than men and actually being covered up during the treatment.  I can’t imagine they have time to tell me everything at my first treatment.


Lots of questions

I feel I am heading towards radiotherapy with still lots of questions.  I have no Breast Care Nurse so can anyone help? No one has mentioned the appropriate creams to use and holding breath - no practice at planning. I am pretty small - how does that work compared with a bigger busted person. It’s horrid not having anyone to ask these queries to.