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Rad tattoos

Community Champion

Re: Rad tattoos

Hi Petalrose,

As far as the tattoo removal is concerned, I don't know of any reason why having had breast cancer means you can't have it removed, I think whoever you saw about removal, has got their wires crossed. It might be an idea to go elsewhere.

Alternatively, it maybe an idea to post on 'ask our nurses' just to check.

Other's here have had rad tatts removed, so hopefully someone can advise.

ann x


Rad tattoos

Does anyone know if there is a clinic in Berkshire that will remove rad tattoos. Mine look as if they’ve been done with a knitting needle, despite being shown a tiny pin prick on a rad technicians finger and told they would only be that big! I’m was having a tattoo removed on my lower back before diagnosis and the clinic will no longer treat me because I’ve had breast cancer. So I now have one faded tattoo and theee very ugly rad tattoos that need removal. Any help will be much appreciated as I’m getting married next year and would like them gone.