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Research Study S4A bra


Re: Research Study S4A bra

Thank you will do x

Re: Research Study S4A bra

Hi Susieone


Sorry that you havent recieved a reply yet.  Maybe if you posted in an existing thread you would get more response?


There is a thread that is talking about waiting for radiotherapy which looks appropriate.


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Research Study S4A bra

I've been asked if so want to take part in a research study when I start radiotherapy.
It's a special bra aimed at people with larger or low hanging breasts. (I've got big boobies) there a 50/50 chance of taking part.

The aim of the bra is to allow treatment to be given with only 1 tatoo. And allowing breasts to remain covered during treatment.

If allocated a bra there may be a slight increase in skin reaction compared to not wearing the bra due to the way the bra absorbs some radiation. This increase may be balanced with reduced reaction at base of breast.
If wearing bra 2 CT scans needed one with and one without bra.
There are questionnaires to fill in during treatment.

Need to decide if I want to take part.
Any thoughts from you lovely people would be great.
Thanks xx