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S/E three weeks after Rads


Re: S/E three weeks after Rads

Hello Susieone, this may all now be ancient history for you but I’ve found Sainsbury’s all natural no-parabens Source of Nature creams relieve the prickly heat rash a bit. I put it on before I go to bed and then during the night as needed and the coolness seems to calm down the itchiness. Hope it does the same for you if you still need it! Not expensive either, which does help...


S/E three weeks after Rads

I've still got bothersome skin condition 3 weeks after rads. I developed a reaction to e45 cream during 2nd week and came out in blotches/hives.

I have a little red sore skin under bust in fold but cream seems to help. My breast still gets quite warm and the itching is easing off a bit now.

I'm feeling a bit down about this constant fixation with my breast. Can't wear bra for long ribs hurt a little on treated side good boob seems to big now and I just wish the skin problems would settle down and I could get some propper sleep.

Is anyone still having problems like this after rads.
Hugs Susan x