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Side effects six months after radiotherapy


Re: Side effects six months after radiotherapy

Hi Cas21


sorry your still getting discomfort but it is quite normal.  As you say it could take up to 12 month for things to be back to some kind of normal.  I finished rads July 2018 and still get stabbing pain,discomfort and itching in both boob and under arm scar.  Not all the time and not constant.  I have to agree on the 12 month scenario as seems to be very true .  But on a good note I am getting there both physically and mentally and I am sure you will feel the same. Unfortunately  tis just giving it the time it needs to get back settled down.  My boob is still numb from surgery and still see the turquoise blue of the dye but very faint now 👍.  My consultant did say my boob is probably as good as it’s going to get now!   Just got to cope with joint pain from hormone tab. Oh the joys hey😀. Hope my little bit of advise helps and takes away the gremlins.  💓💓


Side effects six months after radiotherapy

HI everyone

It's almost six months since I had radiotherapy for left side breast cancer.  Before this I had WLE and two lymph nodes removed. I am still getting pain in my breast and around the underarm scar.  The underarm pain I was told might continue for years, but no one has told me that the breast pain could continue as well.  Is this normal after radiotherapy?