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Sore shoulder since starting radiotherapy


Re: Sore shoulder since starting radiotherapy

Hi Donna

Hope you're getting along with everything and yes I'd the same problem but when I mentioned it first time was told it wasn't connected to rads second time I was told it was. For the last 11 years I've had ongoing problems with that shoulder after jarring it on rough ground when pushing my daughter's pram so thought it was my shoulder playing up. Also had problems with the muscles in my back and down my side and round my breast, this led to having difficulty with breathing and doing my breath holds as surgery was on left side. Twice I was told maybe I should take pain killers before coming for treatment, each time they were told I'm taking them 3 times a day! Second time I wasn't as polite, each day I'd to explain what was wrong as I'd different people each day, started to feel like a broken record repeating myself. Breathing got that bad I ended up at the drs and attached to an ECG and got the brilliant results that I had an irregular heart beat,  which I didn't have before! Dr thought it was stress related, 50 mile round journey and then trying to find a parking space each day, and will return to normal. Finished rads on Friday, shoulder still sore but breathing is returning to normal deliberately haven't done anything except shower and dress.

Didn't have any problems during treatment with my breast, it was just a nice pink colour! Have been warned by the oncologist that it will get worse before it gets better and have been told to keep moisturising with the cream they gave me. 



Re: Sore shoulder since starting radiotherapy

Hi MrsJ13


I've also developed swelling and my tean say its not unusual. 


My shoulder is also stiffening, so I am continuing the exercises and massage my physio has showed me (I also had cording after surgery)




Sore shoulder since starting radiotherapy

Hi, I'm on my second week of radiotherapy for breast cancer and over the last few days my shoulder has become quite sore and stiff. Just wondering if this is normal? My breast has also been a bit swollen and tender 


Thank you