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Working through radiotherapy?

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Re: Working through radiotherapy?

Hi Zena. Just catching up on the forum as not been on recently and saw your thread. I had 20 session 15 normal and 5 booster. I worked through all of them but did have late afternoon appointments however had to get there a good hour before to just park! Going through the treatment I was absolutely fine thankfully no tiredness or fatigue. It’s when active treatment has finished all kicks in but all very doable and manageable. Cream and fluids lots of is the best advice I can give. And listen to your body and if it is telling you you are tired then take a rest go for a walk I found that worked well with me specially if you are sat at a desk and not active during working hours. All will be good and you will be ringing that bell before you know it. My last rads was July 2nd and I am just about there say 99% good and don’t think that extra 1% will ever come back. This forum was a great help to me and still in touch with ladies I met through it. We have a thread in the rads somewhere maybe sept Oct that we started. It’s called those first few weeks after rads. Worth a quick look see out laughs and also put down times but we have all got to where we are now laughing a lot lot more but always there for each other for when we have a blip. Hope rads go well for you and 2019 is a good year x.

Re: Working through radiotherapy?

Thanks everyone 😊


I think I will just have to see how it goes - work have been great so far with time off for surgery appointments etc and have said time required for rads will be ok (although will be unpaid )   If I can get later appointments I’m hoping that will help 👍


Riversidedawn - I think work will be ok with flexibility - one problem will be around Christmas time as I’m the only member of staff in all over Christmas period (except Christmas Day/boxing day) but if I physically can’t do it then will have to take some time off ! 


Blueash - thank you for the cream recommendation 😊👍 I have seen lots of comments on here about the various creams people have used and found helpful so will look into that one 👍


Sessions due to start 10th December starting to feel a little apprehensive but also looking forward to getting them done and completed.  


Zena xx


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Re: Working through radiotherapy?



I think riversdawn suggestion is worth pursuing, if you can reduce your hours whilst you are having the rads it will help.  I used to find that when I got home on the days that I worked and had rads, I would have a snooze for 10/15 minutes and then I was ok, I still do it on occasions now, but that could be my age as well Smiley Happy.  It is important to keep up your fluid intake as that will help with the dehydration from having the rads which can cause fatigue, hence the tiredness.  I was recommended to take in 2 litres of fluid a day.



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Re: Working through radiotherapy?

Hi Zena, you are fortunate to have work and hospital only 10 mins away. I found that I was tired during and after my radiotherapy 3 years ago. But I think it was the travelling an hour each way 5 days a week for 3 weeks which was a huge contributing factor to this. Also for me it was straight after chemo and reconstruction surgery so I was exhausted before it even started!

You can see if the hospital can give you an appropriate appointment time and see how you get on. Be open with your employer and ask if they can offer you some flexibility if you need it during treatment.

Good luck! It's really not too bad xxx
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Re: Working through radiotherapy?

Well you will feel OK and if you can have late afternoon appointments and finish early to get to them OR have early morning and go to work afterwards that should be alright.


Some people get a bit tired but I had chemo so after that anything else is easy! Some people work through chemo too but that is not as easy.


I can recommend this cream https://www.amazon.co.uk/Biafine-271164-Emulsion-hydratante-186g/dp/B017NMJKL2/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UT...


I had the regular radiation plus boosts and they usually only give this out if your skin is actually damaged BUT I thought it worth the investment and my skin was perfect apart from an area under my arm where I did not put it because I did not know the beam went that far. No sooner did I apply the cream than it was under control.


You must not use in for 4 hours before your treatment. Mine were always at 9 am so I did not apply it before I went but I put it on in the cubicle when I got dressed, again at about 3pm and once more before bed.


Re: Working through radiotherapy?

Hi Helena 


thank you - I will go on to the December rads section 


I am fortunate in that the hospital is only about 10 min drive from work or home so travelling should hopefully not be an issue - I am just worried about the tiredness aspect as I do work a 40 hour week !! 


I am thinking to have the appts at the end of the day so I can go straight home and just see how it affects my days ongoing.  


Zena xxxx

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Re: Working through radiotherapy?



Hello and welcome to the forum.


I worked through my rads, however I was on a very reduced working week on the instructions of my employer.  I arranged on the days that I was working to go straight from work, it was half way between home and the hospital, then on the other two days I fitted in with them.  Would you be able to reduce your hours whilst having your rads?


I found the most draining thing was the to and froing each day and my life being controlled by this one appointment.


I have started a December 208 radiotherapy thread on here where you might find help and support from the ladies currently going through rads.


Helena xx


Working through radiotherapy?

Hi everyone 


I am starting 15 sessions from 10th Dec  - what I would like to know is how you found working or not being able to whilst having the sessions?    


I currently work full time and am hoping to be able to continue whilst having the sessions ?   My BCN asked me if I would be working through them which makes me think am I going to find it difficult to do so ?


Would love to get some advice please 😊




Z xxx