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44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌


Re: 44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

Another update - after what seemed to take forever my HER2 result has just come back - positive!

So my Op, has now been postponed again - i have meeting with my oncologist on Friday instead.

Plan is now chemo before the op, so hoping to get lots of information/answers and be able to move forward with things. Feeling a bit restless and static, doesnt feel like much is happening!

The Boob lives to fight yet another week 😉


Re: 44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

After anticipating a last minute 'will we/wont we' - my surgeon called yesterday to say my HER2 result definitely wont be back until Tuesday at earliest so the op has been postponed for a week!

Quite relieved, last weekend was such a worry, both dealing with the diagnosis and trying to get our heads round something neither of us understood!

Hoping we can have a nice family weekend, reset, get organised then move ahead with whatever happens next week. 

My boob lives to fight another week! 😁


Re: 44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

This has moved so so fast for you, I'm not surprised your head is spinning!

For what it's worth, I'm not sure either way - having time to think or not - is better. When I was asked to 'consider' (!) a mastectomy back in March one of my thoughts was that it was almost easier for women not given the choice. I had many, many sleepless nights agonising over the decision. So at least you've been spared either that, or a long time worrying? Double edged sword, really!

Anyway. Wishing you massive amounts of luck and everything else good for tomorrow and beyond xx


Re: 44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

Thanks for the replies ladies.

So many people have recommended support groups, and its good to be able to talk with people going through the same thing.

I'm a fairly strong character, and not given to bouts of crying/emotion but this has kinda knocked me for 6! i almost feel ignorant/blasé but I know thats just because I don't fully appreciate the enormity of what lies ahead.

Also now have the uncertainty of my surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow. Although I had my biopsy two weeks ago, my HER2 result still hasn't come back, and the oncologist wants to wait until its through before they go ahead with surgery.

Hard to prepare for loosing a boob when you don't know when its going to happen!

Jan - thanks for the tips - very helpful - i have some front fastening stuff and some shirts sorted. Just not sure how my recovery will go, but i'm an active person so its good to know they will be encouraging me to move from the start! Worst fear is being stuck in bed recovering! 

Also have a 3.5 year old little boy so he's going to need careful management!

Sucks to be here, but a good support network is key in my thinking!

Thank you so much, and keep you posted!




Re: 44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

Hi Jane

Sorry you have to find your way here but you can’t find a better place for support and even advice. You suggested that feeling “surprisingly calm” couldn’t be normal but anything is normal now. If that’s how you feel, that’s your normal. I remember feeling devastated as no one, not even the consultant, expected breast cancer, let alone extensive breast cancer, but once everything was set out and a mastectomy was inevitable, my inner hysteria gave way to acceptance and calm that lasted me all the way through treatment. Completely uncharacteristic but normal.

Just in case you haven’t been given pointers, make sure you have front opening pjs for hospital (if you’re staying) and afterwards and plenty of loose, front-opening clothing (I pinched a couple of my husband’s shirts). It’s a good idea to ask if you’ll be having a drain as it’s a bit of a surprise to find you’re attached to a bottle for several days, let alone know how to get around the house with it!

Depending on the size of your boobs and the extent of your surgery (sometimes they do axillary clearance of the lymph nodes if the evidence points to anything amiss there), you may be happy to go bra-free or may need to find suitable support. Often comfort bras bras do the trick (Asda/George do some decent and cheap ones) but I preferred tight support and needed something seamfree so I opted for Under Armour sports bras my goddaughter found for me.

Apart from that, the hospital will direct you so be prepared to start exercising almost as soon as you wake up - the breast/shoulder exercises will prevent frozen shoulder and all sorts of debilitating problems, even if they are the last thing you feel like doing. If you believe in homeopathy, don’t forget the arnica tablets (better than painkillers) but these won’t be allowed once you move to chemo.

I wish you all the best for a smooth recovery and hope you hold onto that calm. What lies ahead is sh** but it’s all manageable and it’s worth every effort you make. Take care, and keep us posted,

Jan x


Re: 44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

Hi Jane


I have also been diagnosed (last week), and all the extra tests and waiting for a nightmare but they are pretty speedy.  I didn't even find a lump you can't feel it, came up in my first mammogram and they also found affected nodes in armpit ...       Getting full results and treatment plan hopefully Friday as next apt. Had MRI scan and CT scan tomorrow.   Not sure but think I am possibly TNBC as well not got HER2 either yet to be sure.      Grade 3 but 20mm so faster growing but small so caught early!  Spread to nodes is scary though hence other tests.


I go through stages, one minute normal, calm then it hits me, so you are probably just still in some shock, and being strong etc too, sure we will all be fine and this forum is really good to speak to those in same boat at same time.      Good luck with surgery!




Re: 44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

Hi Aqua Jane,

Welcome to the forum - a great place for advice, support and the rest. As Evie mentioned there is also the phone line, the option to ask to be put in touch with someone who is going or has gone through similar, plus a space on the forum to message the nurse.

We all respond in different ways at different times through treatment. I hope the relative calmness continues - it can be bit of a rollercoaster journey so be kind to yourself and do post if you need and want to reach out.

Seabreeze (6 years on and doing ok)



Community Champion

Re: 44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

Hi Jane - first of all a very warm welcome to this lovely forum where I know you will find loads of support as you go through treatment, but I’m obviously sorry that you find yourself here. I’m glad people recommended support groups to you, I found this site enormously helpful while going through treatment and afterwards. Like you, I had chemo and a mastectomy, so if you have any questions I’m happy to chat more or help you to find other threads.

Everyone deals with the shock of diagnosis in their own way. Feel free to ask any questions on here, nothing is too big or small or silly, or you may just want someone to listen. If you have medical questions you may want to give the lovely nurses a call on the number at the top of the page.

I wish you all the best for your surgery on Friday and recovery. If or when you feel like it please do come back on and let us know how you are, or do continue chatting in the run up.

Hugs, Evie xx


44 - diagnosed last week - mastectomy on Friday! ‌‌

Hello all,

My name is Jane, and i live in County Durham.

I found small lump and was referred and have since been diagnosed with high grade invasive ductal carcinoma.

Looking at mastectomy surgery on Friday followed by chemo, although waiting for HER2 result.

First few days was complete shock, but now I'm surprisingly calm about it which i don't think is normal!

Lots of people have suggested support groups, hence my first post today ladies x