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Anxious wait


Re: Anxious wait


I know exactly how your feeling.

I had a routine mammogram and was referred to Breast clinic on February 14th. I had biopsies but was told there and then it was very likely BC.

The two weeks waiting for the results to confirm were agony even though I was told before I needed the confirmation. I tried to stay busy and stay positive.

I hope your results turn out not to be BC, big hugs xx



Re: Anxious wait

I also know how you must be feeling. I got called back after my first ever mammogram and had to have a biopsy. I got the result a week later, and am now waiting for surgery. As Ann said you’re results might not be bc, but if it is it can be dealt with. I also am so glad I found this forum.

Sending you hugs xx


Re: Anxious wait

...& a warm welcome, Sarah & glad you found us.

I'm another one whose bc was mammo detected & after the initial shock of it all, I'm very glad it was as I had no idea.

Now 3 years down the line & doing just fine. So glad I went for that mammo, as I nearly didn't!

As ever, it's the waiting that's the worst, we've all been there. It's possible the biopsy results may not show bc, but if it is confirmed, then thankfully it can be dealt with.

ann x



Re: Anxious wait

Hi Sarah


I can't offer you any words of wisdom but I know EXACTLY how you must be feeling - my biopsy was done last week and I get my results next Wednesday, which can't come soon enough.  Where I live it is a 14 day wait for results, hopefully you won't have to wait as long.


Like you, I have no noticable symptoms/lumps but abnormality identified from my first mammo.  


Sending you big hugs and hope you get a good outcome. 🥰





Anxious wait



i just want to say what a fabulous community you have built here. I was not even aware of this forum on Monday but already I’ve taken great comfort from reading your posts. 


Long story short, I had my first mammogram on Monday after turning 50 a few months ago. I’m not in the UK so here an ultrasound is part of your first appointment. A mass/lump was discovered, i had not found any changes myself so was a shock. They asked me to come in the following morning for a biopsy. 


So that was Tuesday, now i am waiting for the results. Rollercoaster of a week, emotions all over the place as you will all know. Husband has been really supportive but we both just want to know what we’re dealing with. 


Im so glad I found you all, what an amazing group of strong women. Thank you all.