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Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Re: Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hello Christine, 

I can not answer the questions you ask but I just wanted to acknowledge your post.  Hope you are recovering well after your surgery both physically and emotionally.  It can all start to feel a bit relentless as you manage to get over one hurdle and are hit with a few more.


I hope someone replies soon and can share a similar experience.  In my opinion, the questions you are asking are individual and  really best answered by the Oncologist.  Are you due to see them again soon? Can you contact them by phone or can you relay your questions through  a BCN?


If I was in a similar position, I would be asking if there was any way of testing the chest node? Are they planning to do this?


I would hope that they do scan during chemo (if you are having  chemo), and if not then I would like to know the justification for this before accepting any such decision. If they are classing it as "suspicious", then monitoring would seem apt. 


I was fortunate to have an Oncology nurse for contact (who I adopted as my BCN!). She would pass on any extra questions to Oncologist. Although I also had a very approachable Oncologist.  Hope you do too. 

Best wishes to you, 

Chick 🐥 x



Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hello I was wondering if an of you lovely people could possibly put my mind at rest please. I have had a mastectomy due to having lobual breast cancer, tumour size 7cm. Node clerance as it was in 1 &1/2 nodes. My consultant transferred me over to the oncologist who sent me for a Ct scan. I have been today for the results and she has said that it was fine, it brought up existing medical things I have like cysts in my other breast, Wear and tear on my back etc but she said that one of the lymph nodes in my chest was slightly suspicious as it showed a pin prick size of 1mm. She did not say it was cancer but my husband said if it was would the chemo, radiotherapy and hormone therapy get rid of it. She said it would either get rid of it or contain it. My anxiety levels have went up ten fold again as I keep thinking what if the treatment does not get rid of it or contain it, if it is cancer will it spread. One of my questions is will they also target that area with the radiotherapy as well. I just st keep thinking can I get any worse. Will they scan me again after treatment to see if it is still there