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Diagnosed in September


Re: Diagnosed in September

Hi, I had BC 19 years ago, I can’t believe it! But here I am with CLL, that was a shock. I am on W/W my white bloods are stable, they are rising slowly. If your interested, there is a support group called CLLSA and I have been on two conferences. I asked one of the haematologist who was a speaker, I asked him that I had been told that my treatment for BC caused CLL. He absolutely denied it!! He said it’s nothing to do with it. 


However having two cancers side by side is rather odd. 


Diagnosed in September

Hi I’m new to this forum and I was diagnosed with lobular cancer in September. I already have Lymphatic Leukaemia (CLL) which is stable but this second diagnosis has come as a bit of a shock. It was found on a mammogram and measured 28mm so not terribly big. Another lump was found through my MRI scan but thankfully that one is benign. I’m having my lumpectomy on the 15th of this month followed by radiotherapy in the new year. I know it has nothing to do with the CLL but I’m scared that if the cancer has gone to my lymph nodes it is going to kick start CLL as it attacks them. I haven’t mentioned this to my key worker but if I find that my lymph nodes have been affected I will. CLL is not curable but in lots of cases you live with it, I have had it for six years. Has anybody else on this forum got CLL as well as breast cancer.